Hair Regrowth In The Donor Area

Hair Regrowth

Is my hair in the donor site going to grow back? This is one of the most often asked questions concerning the hair restoration process. Hair regrowth in the donor area may take a few months if the donor area has a healthy scalp.

“The natural hair growth and the time it takes for the donor region hair to grow back are determined by the type of hair transplant surgery (FUE or FUT) utilized to remove hair follicles and how you care for your donor region during the treatment.”- Says Dr. Harikiran who is one of the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

What exactly is the donor zone?

Doctors harvest hair follicles from one area of your body, known as the donor area, and implant them in another, known as the recipient area, during the hair transplantation procedure. The donor area in the back of your head, where you have dense hair, is the most common location for FUT & FUE hair transplant. Hair can, however, be gathered from a variety of sources.

Donor area after hair transplantation

Some signs and symptoms may occur in the donor area after hair transplantation. To obtain the intended outcomes, it requires specific treatment. According to Dr. Harikiran who is one of the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad following are the indications that develop after a transplant:

  • Itching is a frequent indication in the donor area after hair follicles are extracted, and it looks like a scar.
  • The redness and swelling caused by the anesthetic injection will go away in a few days.
  • Simple medicines recommended by the hair transplant surgeon might be used to relieve mild pain following the procedure.
  • Scabs and blood clots may appear on the donor site’s skin surface, although they are not internal. They will, however, be cleaned by the surgeon at the hospital the same day.
hair transplantation


The donor area could take 10 to 15 days to heal. After surgery, a bandage is applied to the donor area. You will see little patches on your skin once the dressing (bandage) is removed. All of these postoperative signs and symptoms are likely to fade away when the hair grows after two weeks of hair transplantation during the healing phase.

Will the hair on the donor site regrow?

To execute the transplant, the hair follicles are harvested in groups of 1 to 4 hairs from the donor area using the Follicle Unit Excision or FUE process. By properly extracting hair follicles from the donor area, the hair transplant surgeon ensures that the retrieved hair follicles are scarcely detectable.

This is due to the fact that some people’s hair follicles may not regrow. The extraction of hair follicles in the FUE technique, on the other hand, renders scars unnoticeable over time. Hair follicles are taken from the donor location, which has a lot of hair.

Follicular Unit Transplant, or FUT, involves the surgeon surgically removing hair from the donor area in a strip. The strips that were removed during the transplant are exceedingly thin and lengthy, making them virtually undetectable. Hair grows back around the incision in most cases, however hair can also grow through the incision patch, making the scar unnoticeable over time.

Hair Regrowth

Hair regrowth in the donor area

For some patients who have had hair transplants, the donor hair may not grow back. But, with advancements in technology, it is now possible to induce hair regeneration in the donor area. Millions of people are having their hair regenerate along the donor area thanks to advanced therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ACell. For donor scar healing and hair follicle regeneration, the two therapies have been studied.

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Consult the specialists at the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad if you have had hair transplantation and the donor area hair has not grown back. They’ll inform you how to improve hair growth in the donor area in the most efficient method possible.

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