Freelance Pricing: How Much Can You Charge?

Freelance Pricing

Whether you’re searching a writer out for a service or you’re one yourself trying to decide your own pricing scale, trying to find a reference for freelance writing rates can be tough.

Freelance pricing varies pretty broadly depending on experience level, the type of writing needed, and the industry you’re working in.

If you’re wondering about freelance writing rates, keep reading to learn more.

Types of Freelance Writing Rates

Understanding how freelance writing rates are charged starts with understanding the different types of ways rates are set. You’ll find five main ways freelancers charge.

Flat Rate or By the Project

This means that an agreed-upon rate is set for the total project. Whether the project takes more or less time than quoted, the rate is the same.

By the Hour

This is a flat dollar per hour amount. The hours recorded and the total amount are a direct reflection of the hours put in.

By the Word

This is a set rate charged per word produced. It ends with a variable price based on the final product.

By the Page

This is the same premise as the per word rate. The only difference? The set amount is per page produced.

Retainer Fee

Retainers are predetermined amounts paid on a regular basis to keep a writer at the ready for ongoing work. A client basically pays a set rate to keep the writer always on standby for projects as they pop up.

All of these are useful in different situations. A per hour or word fee might be best for a beginner trying to gauge the time each project takes or for those who want to be paid exactly for the work they do.

Flat rates are best for efficient writers who can leverage effective writing skills to work against the clock and finish projects quickly while receiving a predetermined amount.

For those who like a steady stream of projects, a retainer fee works well for both parties. The writer gets constant work and the company pays slightly less for providing it.

Pricing Considerations

Once you understand the types of freelance writing rates, you can start to add in the other elements to help you answer the question: “How much should I pay a freelance writer?”

Types of Writing

There is a broad world of writing, and different types are valued somewhat differently. If you’re writing SEO content or articles, expect somewhat lower pricing than a more in-depth journalistic gig. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Marketing and ad copy web content, for instance, are generally at the higher end of the freelance pricing spectrum.


Depending on how long you’ve been writing, who you’ve worked for, what you’ve written, and whether you have any writing credentials plays a huge part in the amount you’re able to charge.

If you have specific training or knowledge in specialty subjects and can write niche topics, the writing will be worth even more.


A writer who writes one or two articles for a client a month will likely charge more than one who writes a larger volume on a regular basis. If a client is willing to provide stable, predictable work, a writer will likely charge a bit less to keep the steady workflow.

Freelance Pricing Demystified

The punchline of all this is that the type of writing, way of charging, the experience of the writer, and the volume of work to be done all play a part in the final pricing. Depending on these variables, you can expect freelance pricing to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 to $50 per hour.

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