How To Effectively Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

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Did you know that a report a few years ago documented that more than 3 billion people are on social media globally?

Creating a connection is one of the main reasons people are on social media and why businesses use these platforms to build relationships with their audience and stakeholders. With several prominent social media platforms around, it’s not surprising to see companies creating their online presence in almost all of these spaces to boost their visibility and reach. 

The intention to have an active online presence is vital for businesses in this digital era. Hence, the growth of white label social media management providers can help manage their accounts on various social media sites.

But what if you haven’t had the chance to collaborate with an agency to help you out with your social media management needs?

If that’s the case, here are some steps you can follow on how to effectively manage multiple social media accounts that you have.

1. Create A Social Media Strategy

The number one thing you can do to manage multiple social media accounts effectively is to create a social media game plan appropriate for your brand’s needs. Planning how to go about your social media campaign is critical in avoiding randomly posted content, getting caught up in all your social accounts, and going against the brand image you’re building.

A solid social media strategy that includes procedures, policies, style guides, and a list of dos and don’ts for your business will make the process of managing several social media accounts easier. 

2. Prepare A Social Media Calendar

Now that you’ve already documented your social media strategy, the next step you can take is to create a social media calendar. Typically, social media managers make their calendars every week. This practice of scheduling things on a weekly basis gives more flexibility should there be an event that can influence the posts you prepared.

Having a social media calendar makes it easy for you to organize all the posts that need to be published, keep track of content that’s about to go live, and give you a visual overview of your social media accounts.

3. Utilize Social Media Management Software

Copying and pasting a bunch of text from one social media site to another is tedious, especially if you’re handling more than one account. Capitalize on what advanced technology can offer.

Automate repetitive activities like preparing post captions by using social media management software that can help you manage your accounts on multiple social media platforms. It can enable you to prioritize more complex parts of your marketing campaign and business operations. 

Social media management software can help you:

  • Curate and publish to several multiple social media profiles on different platforms;
  • Schedule content in advance;
  • Organize posts across various social media platforms;
  • Centralize all messages coming from various social media sites;
  • Create reports that show your metrics on the social media platforms you’re on;
  • Customize individual social media posts for each social media account; and
  • Post the same content across multiple networking platforms.
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4. Use Templates For Content Creation

Content creation can eat up a lot of your time if you keep creating every single content marketing material from scratch every day. An excellent way to get this task off your plate is to schedule a weekly or monthly content creation session where you’d sit down and create templates you can repeatedly use throughout your campaigns.

Having templates ready can make it easier for you to create posts on the fly that still adheres to your branding image – something essential, especially when you’re posting for events happening in real-time. Aside from these, having templates on hand can make it easier for you to delegate this task should the need arises. 

Some examples of social media templates you can do are:

  • Holiday greetings;
  • Business announcements;
  • Promotional discounts; and
  • Testimonials from former clients, current partners, and the like.

5. Monitor Your Numbers

When managing several social media accounts, one vital thing to remember is always to keep track of your numbers. Knowing how your content is performing is absolutely critical for the success of your social media campaign.

It’s vital that you measure how your content is performing so you can pivot or stop a campaign that’s not going as planned. The elements you may want to monitor in different social media channels you use can include:

  • Sentiments;
  • Reach;
  • Engagements;
  • Audience growth;
  • Conversion rates; and
  • Response rate.


Before you start creating your company’s social media accounts on a social media platform, you must evaluate if this platform is aligned with who you’re trying to reach. Keep in mind that although it’s typical for businesses to seek out the need to be everywhere, concentrating on a couple of social media sites first can be a more viable marketing tactic. Managing multiple social media accounts is said to be not a walk in the park. If ever you want to focus more on your business and get this activity off your plate, getting help from an agency or social media specialist can definitely help you with this concern.

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