Digital World: 5 Simple but Useful Apps for the Drivers

Useful Apps

Every year, automakers equip cars with more and more high-tech features based on the latest IT-developments.

However, this process is happening more likely not because of scientific and technical progress, but with the aim of increasing the added value of the final product. At the same time, free applications for smartphones are ready to take on some of the functions. They can successfully cope with most of the tasks of automotive IT systems, and if needed, you can evenrenta carby Sixt Toronto usingyour smartphone. We have made a selection of 5 most popular applications that will be very useful to each driver…

Fuel Manager

Useful Apps

If you use a car very often, you probably should check your fuel consumption. Fuel Manager is an application for tracking fuel costs on your car. It allows you to calculate how much fuel was spent and how quickly the car consumes it. Analyzing all these data, you can keep a constant diagnosis of your vehicle and identify certain problems in time. As if fuel consumption has sharply increased, then you should pay attention to the technical condition of the car.

  • The major features of Fuel Manager are:
  • Calculation of fuel consumption
  • All statistics is presented in convenient graphs
  • Calculator of the required fuel/ travel cost
  • Accounting for multiple vehicles
  • Export/import data
  • The choice of themes
  • Wide settings for units and interface elements
  • Widgets for quickly adding entries


Useful Apps

This is a free video recorder application that can recognize signs and warn the driver about their area of ​​operation and potential violations. It works in conjunction with the most popular GPS applications, and in the future it will acquire its own navigation.

RoadARis the app that literally looks at the road: it recognizes road signs, and in case of a violation, displays the sign and the fine amount. This is very convenient in the cities – the application reads almost all road signs. The only negative is that the battery charge is consumed very quickly. The developers are working to solve this problem, but their plans are much more incredible: to teach RoadAR to recognize the green light of a traffic light and, based on the data collected, calculate the operating time of all traffic lights on the way to predict the green-light periods.

As it was mentioned, RoadAR can work as a digital video recorder – it can even send its videos to YouTube just in 1 click.

Ulysse Speedometer

The application shows the actual speed of the car, records the entire speed modes in separate tracks. The program allows you to set up to 10 speed intervals, and then the Ulysse Speedometer will warn the driver visually and with the sound of reaching or exceeding the speed.

The software also displays the altitude obtained from the GPS sensor. Accuracy is determined by the accuracy of your device’s GPS. There are racing timers. They calculate time for standard measurements: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and1/4 mile travel time.

In the short logbook, the time and distance of the current trip, as well as the total time of trips for the current day, week and month are measured and displayed.

The program can work in the background. Then it notifies the driver about certain events by using sound signals.

Car Scanner

This is an obd2 scanner pocket diagnostic tool that will keep up to date on the status of your vehicle. With the help of the application, it’s possible to monitor the operation of a carin real time, read and reset errors, measure acceleration parameters, check readiness for environmental tests, study statistics for various time intervals.

Important: the list of displayed parameters doesn’t depend on the application, but on the car model, since the scanner requires an adapter compatible with the ELM327 chipfor a proper operation. The adapter itself transmits the read information to a compatible devicevia Bluetooth. It can be a tablet or smartphone with the Car Scanner application installed.

Find My Parked Car

A great solution for residents of megalopolises – it helps to quickly find a car left in the parking lot. The application allows you to leave markers on-site parking, and then immediately get to the car.

It’s suitable for those who are poorly oriented on the terrain or parked the car in an unfamiliar place. Using is extremely simple: by pressing a button, the program remembers the current location, and then displays it on the screen and shows where the driver is at a current time.

This app completes the top best applications for the car drivers. The industry of developing applications, including those intended for motorists, is widely developed. Based on the feedback from users already using the application, you can easily choose a program that meets the needs of the driver.

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