11 Cannabis Products to Improve your Fitness Regime

Fitness Regime

Marijuana and fitness have never traditionally gone together, but modern research and new intake methods have shown the herb can be beneficial for exercise. As an anti-inflammatory, cannabis helps to reduce the pain from an intense workout and enables us to train harder and for longer.

Gone is the narrative that cannabis users are lazy, sofa-bound people. Today’s savvy users are proving the plant can be used for the complete opposite. Here are 11 cool marijuana products that may improve your fitness regime.

1) Raw marijuana smoothie 

Recent studies have indicated cannabis’ potential when raw, and people are juicing into smoothies as part of a radical, alternative diet. Raw marijuana is stacked with antioxidants along with Vitamins C and B. Mixed in with other superfood veggies, CBD honey sticks can kickstart your day. With a carefully chosen cannabis strain like Zamnesia’s Runtz, you will also add an amazing sugary, fruity candy flavor to your smoothie. An added bonus that you’ll appreciate. 

2) 1:1 Cannabis Protein Bites 

1:1 Cannabis Protein Bites are protein bars with a twist. These healthy, energizing snacks contain 12mg of hemp protein and an equivalent amount of Sour Diesel cold water hash. Flavored beautifully with dark chocolate chips and made with delicious almond butter, these treats are a great way to help your workout along.

3) CBD Elite Muscle Freeze

This Mary’s Medicinals product is designed to administer a cool, soothing effect for areas with sore muscles. CBD Elite Muscle Freeze contains a hefty 200mg of CBD and is useful for gym-goers and athletes. Following an exercise session, this product is extremely relaxing.

4) Hemp Shoes 

Hemp shoes are very durable and great if you live outdoors. The design makes for a comfy fit, with many owners commenting on how they let their feet “breathe.” If you like shoes with a barefoot feel, then check out these hemp shoes and surround your feet with nature.

5) Good Hemp Protein Powder 

Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, Good Hemp protein powder delivers a natural energy boost. Made with 100% natural hemp seeds, this powder is preferable to other protein powders, which can be prone to causing allergic reactions.

6) Dixie Boosted Mint Coffee Drink 

If you work out in the mornings, you may be familiar with feeling drowsy mid-morning. The THC-infused Dixie Boosted mint coffee drink delivers a natural lift with energizing caffeine and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This beverage is deliciously minty and promotes good cellular metabolism.

7) On edibles Epsom Salt and Mineral Soak 

A genuine workout should leave the body tired and weary. Many opt for a relaxing, hot bath to ease sore muscles, but adding marijuana to the mix could help even more. Take the Epsom salt and mineral soak from Omedibles – simply add these cannabis-infused drinks to your bathtub, and let the therapeutic cannabinoids work their magic. You can purchase CBD-infused drinks from .

8) Americanna THC Gummies 

Americanna THC gummies kick in very quickly for edibles, and for that reason, are perfect for runners and cyclists. Easy to consume on-the-go, these are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit down and relax while medicating. Need to keep energy levels up and experience regular, natural boosts? Try these Americanna gummies.

9) VAPRWEAR hoodie 

Grab a VAPRWEAR hoodie to show your support for inhaling and marijuana, and make it easier to take cannabis on the move. This hoodie is ideal for runners, cyclists, and other high-intensity athletes. The vapor comes up through one of the drawstrings, allowing you to puff away conveniently and discreetly.

10) Outset Edibles 

Outset Edibles were created for cannabis lovers by medical cannabis lovers. Designed with fitness in mind, these dried-fruit snacks are suitable for gentle and intense exercise. Low-dosing with this natural snack, free of additives and sweeteners produce, is both pleasurable and energizing.

11) Apothecanna Extra Strength Pain Crème 

Cannabis cream 1000mg is the optimum way of taking in cannabis compounds after exercising. Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Pain Creme showcases marijuana’s anti-inflammatory qualities, easing muscle tightness in no time. This cream is designed for use before and after working out.

12) Kratom Tincture Infused with CBD

Kratom is a natural plant from South East Asia and it has been gaining popularity in the past years for its amazing benefits. The benefits range from energy booster all the way to pain relieving and anxiety reliever. Kratom tincture infused with CBD is a super convenient way to get this benefit.

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