Call Tracking Technology and The Most Common Questions About It

Call Tracking Technology

The digital world is evolving, and so does the aspiration for genuine human connection. The same goes with all businesses. Sometimes, potential clients just want to hear from you instead of communicating with you through email.

Call Tracking Technology

You may be one of those smart marketers who continue to rely on telephones, even if it is considered “old school.” Yes, it is still an essential factor in your lead generation strategies.

However, integrating phone calls with call tracking technology can help determine your marketing efforts. Marketers and business owners who are new to this system may wonder what call tracking technology is all about. The following are common questions about call tracking technology:

1. What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic number insertion offers mobile and online marketers opportunities to display distinct phone numbers on their website in reference to the keyword, search engine, pay-per-click ad, and mobile or online banner ad. This tracks which traffic sources are generating phone calls and sales leads for your business.

2. How will call tracking affect my SEO ranking?

Smart marketers are are right to be concerned about this. The answer is that call tracking does not hurt your SEO ranking. Call tracking guarantees that search engines can register your primary business number to certify NAP consistency. So, your SEO ranking is safe here.

3. How will my clients benefit from call tracking?

Call tracking can benefit your agency or clients in many various ways. Take note of what call tracking can do:

  • Gain insight if the referred keywords are most valuable and are responsible for driving calls into your business
  • Manage bid-spend by way of increase conversions from calculating call conversion metrics
  • Gain insights into which marketing campaigns are stimulating call conversions to optimize ad campaigns

4. Why do I need plenty of numbers?

The group of phone numbers you need will depend on the amount of visitors on your site at the same time. Sure, Google Analytics or Woopra can check this for you. However, that is for extensive promotional campaign. Moreover, it is only reasonable to provide additional numbers for that period.

  • This allows more accurate analytics: Nevertheless, you will be needing minimal phone numbers at the times of repression. Technologically speaking, dynamic call tracking uses an intersection algorithm that requires a huge amount of phone numbers.
  • Provides 95-97% accurate final results: Each site caller will receive a unique ID and ascertains the number which is currently free. As a means to measure how many phone numbers your business needs, call tracking uses smart algorithm depending on the traffic volume each day and the quantity of visitors who are staying on the website simultaneously. This approach reduces discrepancies and provide 95-97% accurate final results.

5. Will my sales and profit rise after implementing call tracking?

5. Will my sales and profit rise after implementing call tracking?

You should know that call tracking is not a “silver bullet” that solves your business’ problems. The most reliable sources of sales growth are callback widget installation, advertising budget allocation, and reducing the amount of missed calls.

Meanwhile, call tracking is a relevant “lever” that incites changes in your sales and marketing department. No more than that. Thus, missed calls that are recorded will not disappear the following day, and the clients lost due to the long wait. One possibility could be that the problem resides in your sales-managers behavior.

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  1. Advanced call tracking solutions deliver deeper insights that are like conversion rates based on high intent keywords to help us optimize scripts used by call agents.

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