5 Business Blogging Tools to Jumpstart Your Blog in 2018

Digitize Your Business

Blogging has always been the undeclared king of the content marketing domain over the years now.  In fact, it has been the most strategic weapon for the digital marketing campaigns of almost every business irrespective of how big or small it is.

Blogging has offered the best way to connect with the outer world. The work of blogging however does not end once you write and hit the publishing button. You should be able to attract the audience from time to time and also help to keep them engaged.

For that you should use the right blogging tools. Here are some tools with which you can jumpstart your blog. Just read on.

Content Management Systems (WordPress) – You have to have a place for all the blogging. This is known as the CMS or the Content Management System. WordPress happens to be the CMS that most of the bloggers can choose to start their blogging journey with. Over 74 million websites are powered by WordPress. Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress –

  • Simple content editor
  • Ease of use
  • A variety of premium and free plug-ins for adding features to the blog.
  • A plethora of templates to choose from
  • Seamless integration with the tools
  • Active and helpful community

Answer the Public – It is one of the trendiest search queries available. This handy tool fetches and maps the suggestions on the basis of the visualizations after you have typed a keyword. The keyword listing is broken into three major parts like

  • Prepositions like – for, with, like
  • Questions like -who, what, when, why
  • Alphabetical like – keyword plus x, keyword plus y

KeyWord Research Tools – This is one step that can determine what topics to ask for. This makes everything more efficient. Here are some tools that can help you to conduct the effective research.

  • Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that is highly recommended for the inexperienced as well as the pro bloggers. You can find out popular key terms in your industry with this. This can also help in choosing the competitive budgets and can be used with your ad campaigns.
  • SEMRush is the most preferred tool by SEO gurus. It not only shows the keywords for which the services and products rank in the target market, it also shows the difficulty of ranking the keyword of your choice.

WordPress Plugins Like Disqus, AMP, Mail Munch – These are some of the most useful WordPress plug-ins for enhancing the functionality of the blog.

  • Mail Munch enables you to take the emails of your mail visitors that lays the foundation of successful online marketing
  • Disqus is one of the most common web commenting systems that is trusted by millions of bloggers for enhancing readers’ engagement
  • The AMP plugin is a plugin that enhances support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages so that you can deliver mobile-optimized content faster

Topic Generators for Blogs – One of the most challenging parts of blogs happen to be the ideation of blogging. But there are tools that make the process simpler

  • Google Trends offers valuable insight on the currently trending topics on the internet. You can search for any industry-relevant keyword in this sight.
  • BuzzSumo helps to dig out the content that performs best for your preferred marketing publications and your industry.

The above are some of the most effective blogging tools to kickstart your blog this year as recommended by the experts of the renowned responsive web design company. While all these tools are quite great their strategic application can help to build your audience and make your blog succeed.

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