Best Indoor Air Purifier

Best Indoor Air Purifier

Did you believe that we breathe polluted and toxic air at home or office more than the outdoors? We can’t open our windows and let dust and other polluted air inside the home. The reason for polluted air indoors is insecticides, glues, shampoos, chemicals found in paint, cleaning products, detergents, and woodworks. So, it is necessary to sanitize the air we breathe inside our home or workplace. You can use a personal air purifier to give an elegant attraction to your indoors.

If you need the best indoor air purifier, then Oxygarden’s forest gives you a greater opportunity. They purify, humidify and naturalize the air and also remove harmful substances. This product is similar to HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) but doesn’t consume electricity but has a more significant effect in promoting healthier indoor. The FOREST has edge-cutting technology which suits both indoor and outdoor.


  • Capable of purifying 800 square feet area.
  • Watering and growing light system are automated.
  • Cleaning speed is 500 cubic meter per hour.
  • NASA certifies plants.
  • Uses 50 natural plants to purify the indoor space.
  • Reduces Air Quality Index (AQI) level by 70%.
  • Need only 30 energy units to start its operation.
  • Do not produce any noise.

The purification by these plants takes place in five stages.

1.  Carbon filter opens up a million pores when it comes in contact with oxygen. These pores are the bonding sites for carbon atoms. Volatile Organic Compounds from indoor products gets trapped within these pores.

2.  HEPA filter works through a fine mesh to harmful particles present in the indoor. This stage of filter has capable of filtering particles like dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen. This filter helps in reducing the health issues of allegories, respiratory problems, and irritation to throat and skin.

3.  Leaves of the plants certified by NASA has the well-known purification process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Apart from this, the leaves and roots of these plants absorb pollutants and sanitize and purify the air.

4.  Microbes present in the roots such as bacteria and fungi can convert toxic pollutants into non-toxic or less toxic pollutants by biodegradation process.

5.  Activated charcoal in the aerated growing media treats allergens, mould, or fungus. Here, plants in FOREST are grown in a container with a soil-less medium. This medium has activated charcoal incorporated in it.


  • Removes CO2, CO, NO2 pollutant particles.
  • Sanitizes and humidifies the air.
  • Also boosts immunity.
  • Capable of producing 700 litres of oxygen per day.
  • Decreases volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Activated charcoal removes the terrible odour.
  • Maintains 40-60% of humidity level.
  • Lowers PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles.
  • Removes bacterial and other pathogens.
  • Removes harmful chemical substances.
  • Provides an elegant and composed environment.

The aerated growing medium can be hung on the wall vertically to fit your home or work area. This size of the medium can be chosen according to your desire. It was made up of Stainless steel and was provided with ¼” wire grids. You are also given the facility to choose your desired tone and shade.

Make sure that you clean your plants periodically. Prune, fertilize and maintain the plants occasionally to make the plants pest-free. These plants remain healthy for one year and have a warranty of one year. Forests are given a warranty of five years apart from the additional one year of warranty. The electrical components such as plug are also given a warranty of one year.

If you want to breathe pure air, then choose to buy this Oxygarden’s FOREST to humidify and sanitize the air at home. Their customer services and maintenance are good. You can also enquire them regarding the air sanitizer before buying. It is one of the best-recommended air sanitizers. So, give a try and get a perfect atmosphere around you!!

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