Best Clancy Brawl Stars Guide

Clancy Brawl Stars Guide

A new Brawl Stars update is here. Along with many changes, including brawler reworks, new hypercharges, social improvement, new skins, and a few more, comes a brand new brawler.

I’m talking about the much-awaited Clancy Brawl Stars, a mythic damage-dealing brawler. In this guide, let us check out Clancy’s abilities, gadgets, and star powers and see how we can build him in the most optimal way.

Clancy’s abilities are not as straightforward as those of most other brawlers. His trait allows him to collect tokens and upgrade himself. He is a mythical brawler with decent health and a very high damage output.

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Brawl Stars: Clancy Abilities

Trait: Clancy collects what are called tokens for every successful hit with his projectile, be it his main attack or super. It takes around 9 hits to level up from stage 1 to stage 2, and 15 hits to level up from stage 2 to stage 3. Somewhat similar to Surge. However, Clancy will not lose these upgrades even after getting eliminated; he will respawn with all the stage upgrades.

Main Attack: Power Wash

Clancy shoots bullets at his enemies based on his current stage.

  • Stage 1: shoots 1 bullet.
  • Stage 2: shoots 2 bullets.
  • Stage 3: shoots an extra 2 bullets that travel diagonally.

Super: Torrent

Clancy shoots 16 projectiles in a cone shape. Clancy’s current stage also affects this super ability.

  • Stage 1: Shoots a flurry of bullets in a cone shape.
  • Stage 2: Increased projectile distance.
  • Stage 3: Projectiles deal 50% more damage.

Brawl Stars: Clancy Gadgets

Snappy Shooting: This gadget allows Clancy to gather twice as many tokens as usual for the next 5 seconds.

Tactical Retreat: A dash ability that also reloads Clancy’s ammo. This gadget allows you to dash forward in the direction you are facing and also reloads one ammo. Any enemy close to Clancy while dashing will be stunned. The dash can be canceled if Clancy gets stunned, knocked, or pulled. Clancy cannot dash through walls and water.

Brawl Stars: Clancy Star Powers

Recon: You get 3 free tokens at the start of the match.

Pumping Up: Let’s you reload full ammo whenever you defeat a brawler.

Brawl Stars: Clancy Build

Here is my recommended build for Clancy.

Gadget: Go with Snappy Shooting. This lets you collect more tokens, resulting in faster upgrades and ultimately letting you snowball.

Gears: speed and damage gear.

You can also consider going for shield gear if necessary. It is situational.

Star Power: Pumping Up. Once you farm enough tokens, you start dealing a lot of damage. Combine it with this star power and every time you eliminate an enemy, you get full ammo back.


Though you respawn with full upgrades, it is very important to maintain your momentum with this brawler.

He is a good alternative for people who like playing characters like Surge.

Clancy has a moderate health pool; consider going with shield gear instead of speed gear if necessary.

Do not swap out the damage gear; with this double token gadget and ammo reloading star power, damage gear is a must.

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