Best Businesses to Start During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Online Business

At the turn of the year, companies expected 2020 to be as good for business as any other year. By the time February rolled around, the United States and the world knew to expect otherwise due to COVID-19. Now, though the supply chain is intact, due to wide-spread closures, the economy is suffering, and traditional businesses must focus on new ways to stay open. If you need to keep money coming in to supplement your business, here are several opportunities you can take.

T-Shirt Printing Business

As with any national or world-wide event, people want to rally together. Products made with inspirational, hopeful, and encouraging slogans do well exceptionally. Placing these slogans on T-shirts can go a long way in helping your customers deal with the discouragement, stress, and fear of the pandemic. Printing shirts that read, “Healthy at Home,” “We Will Get Through This,” and “#together” all resonate with your customer base. More than ever, customers want to support businesses, and printing shirts with these encouraging messages gives them a reason to do so.

Even when people can’t go outside their home, they can proudly wear a t-shirt that demonstrates their support during this stressful time. They’ll show them on social media and get others to join in on wearing gear that shows how much they care. These concepts are essential, not just for sales, but for your business. By promoting basic concepts of togetherness, kindness, and concern by producing something for your customers that encourages them, they’ll feel that you as a company care about them as a customer.

If this sounds like the right idea for you, the Epson F2100 Direct-to-Garment printer is just what you want to get started. This high-performance printer places stunning images and text directly on shirts in a matter of minutes. There is little wait-time, and with a DTG printer, you can print any number of shirts on demand. DTG is ideal for these times because you don’t have to keep any stock on hand. As soon as a customer orders, you can print, cure, and ship within the same day. If you get a large order, the quick-load platen that comes with the machine is perfect for speeding up productivity. However, if you are just entering the t-shirt business, you may want to look into a new alternative to DTG, which is DTF printing, direct to film printing. This type of printing has a lower investment cost and does away with the need for a pre-treatment process.

Affiliate Website for eCommerce

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to create some profitable cash flow for very little output. It works by selecting items from eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and linking them to your website. When someone clicks through to the item by using your unique link, you’ll receive a commission for their purchase. It’s simple and only takes the initial setup. You don’t have to handle ordering information, shipping, or any other purchase-related details.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for numerous businesses because you can tailor the affiliate links to reflect items that your customers are naturally looking to purchase. If you are a home and gardening center, you can link goods on Amazon that include home and garden décor, garden tools, and other useful things you think your customers would purchase. If you design DIY jewelry, encourage your customers to try their hand at jewelry-making by linking to items in this category.

No matter which affiliate items you decide to highlight, you don’t have to physically stock any items yourself, so you make a risk-free profit with every purchase.

Drop-Shipping Website

When you drop-ship items, you create a website for a specific niche of goods and link each of those items to your storefront. This is different from affiliate marketing when you send your customers to a merchant for ordering. In drop-shipping, customers use your website and storefront to purchase the items. You set the prices you want to charge and market to your customers. The customer orders from you, you collect the details of the purchase and then you order from the merchant. The merchant is still responsible to stock and ship the product your customers’ purchase.

Similar to affiliate marketing, you can pick and choose which items you want to sell this way. You don’t have to physically stock any items, so there is very little to no risk beyond setting up your website. If you already have a storefront, then all you have to do is add on to it. Drop-shipping is ideal for many businesses since there is a risk-free profit from each sale through your website.

Keep Your Business Running

There are many ways to keep your business running during these uncertain times. If you have the funds to purchase a printer, t-shirt printing is a highly lucrative business. For those operating on a tighter budget, affiliate marketing or drop shipping is the way to go. No matter which you choose, the important thing is to keep profit coming into your business so we can all get through this #together.

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