Best Applications for Writers

Applications for Writers

When I was a student, the process of writing was terribly boring for me, especially when it was related to the essay writing. Sometimes, I did not have any motivation to write even a word for my paper. Therefore, I had to pay to write my essay today in a quick way. However, today there are many applications that help to make the writing process easier and they give some motivation.

At all times, the writer’s profession was free in terms of movement around the world. A pen, table, notebook, and fantasy are all that someone who likes to write needs. And now, different new tools support the creative process. In this article, we will discuss applications for authors of books and blogs, as well as students for students who write university papers. If I had any of them when I was a student, I did not have to ask to write my essay for me in an urgent way.

Mobile Applications

According to FastEssay, the notepad on the phone is an ideal way to write an idea that suddenly came into your mind. Mobile applications for writers are the same notebook, but more reliable than a paper one. Therefore, they open more possibilities. Firstly, the electronic notebook is able to contain more information. And secondly, it allows you to supplement the texts with pictures and audio files.

iA Writer

This is an option for fans of minimalism. It provides a laconic design that simulates a paper sheet, and the lack of extra features and settings. It was originally written as an application for the iPhone, but there is also a version for Android.

DubScript Screenplay Writer

This is a mobile editor for scriptwriters that can be used at any minute. It is simple enough and with strict design. Therefore, it is very convenient. It saves texts in PDF, HTML, FDX, Fountain, HTML, etc. You can import notes into Google Drive.


It features a wider functionality and beautiful design. It allows you to customize styles for different types of notes starting with the story and finishing with the essay. You can create and assign separate folders, save notes in TXT format, and the improved version is expanded with nice media effects.

Software for Writers Who Prefer PCs or Laptops

Even the most traveling writers sometimes need a home working environment and a familiar computer. PC applications come to the fast rescue here. Here are the most versatile of them.


All texts are stored on a personal account that you will need to create online before you begin. The plus is that you do not need to use cloud storage. The editor is simple, clear, and concise. You can save the text in PDF or TXT if you need. The author can adjust the size and color of the font, choose the right background, and even turn on the sound of a vintage typewriter for a more complete immersion in creativity.


According to FastEssay, it allows you to work from a browser without registering 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is well suited for quick notes, instant fixation of thoughts, and revolutionary ideas. The only negative side is that if you clear the browser cache, the notes may disappear. Therefore, it is recommended to save them somewhere from time to time.

Both applications discussed will make your writing more creative and are a great alternative to the boring Word.

Applications for Creative Writers

The capabilities of some writing applications go beyond the scope of electronic notepads. They will not only fix your thoughts but will help to get out of a creative stupor and will even help to brainstorm.

The Brainstormer

The application is quite simple but has good potential. If you have run out of ideas, you can spin the drum, and the program will randomly give out the idea of ​​the plot or scene for the further development of events. It is available for Android and iOS.

Final Draft

And the last application simply provides navigation through different scenes and characters. Everything is created in such a way that it can make you think about a new plot or idea. Or it can be just a good way to relax. And this one is really cheap.


Electronic assistants will do everything to make your work more productive. We wish you good luck for new literary masterpieces.

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