Augmented Reality in Education is Blowing Up the Candles!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality- An immersive experience for the learners!

Learning and education aren’t the same as a few years ago. But, it has changed for good!

What led to such a significant transformation? It is precisely what we’ll highlight in this article.

We all have been a part of the education system where students were expected to learn via textbooks. A system where the teacher’s delivered lectures within the four walls of the educational institution.

Well, gone are the days when this pattern had to be followed! Moreover, learning is no more restricted to schools, but corporation sectors, professional training, etc., are all a part.

We all witnessed a major technological transformation during the COVID-19 period. Moreover, even if the tech and trends existed before, they were emphasized during the crisis. Therefore, one such technology that highly received appreciation for its good work is AR technology.

Why is it being emphasized?

AR played a vital role in clearing away the hurdles in the learning system for students. Moreover, it became a guardian of numerous industries that otherwise wouldn’t have survived due to the pandemic.

The Massive Transformation of the Education Industry

Let’s start by taking a look at the stats:

It is estimated that AR mobile users are likely to hit the number 2.4 billion by the end of 2023. However, the number stood at 200 billion in 2015.

Don’t you think it’s an amazing influx in numbers?

So, what is Augmented Reality?

Well, if you’re a Snapchat user or play games like Pokemon Go, you’re already familiar with the technology! However, the education sector is another significant industry that has highly been impacted by AR.

How? Let’s dive deep into the pool of information!

AR Apps in Learning

In simple words, Augmented Reality enhances the real-world experience via computer-generated information or graphics. For instance, when you see through your mobile camera, AR allows you to view a computer-generated image. Therefore, when used in education, it can make the learning experience much more interactive and interesting.

You must be wondering that how the integration of the real and virtual world can enhance the overall learning experience?  We have a few pointers that’ll give you an idea!

  • Dinosaur 4D+ is an AR app that enables users to view 3D dinosaurs after scanning the flashcards. Students interested in Paleontology or any related subject can effectively learn about the dinosaurs and explore a lot more on the app.
  • Element 4D is another exceptional AR-based application that makes learning Chemistry easier for the students.

Undoubtedly, the AR in education trend is not going anywhere for many years ahead. Also, the best part is that AR is encouraging more of a ‘learn from home’ pattern to keep the students occupied. Therefore, it has become of the primary reasons for learners to adopt AR-based learning apps.

Don’t you think it’s an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity? If you do, why not give it a shot by developing an AR learning app?

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Education

Seamless Access to Learning Material

As mentioned earlier, nobody likes to restrict their learning from textbooks. Therefore, AR technology opens the doors to a new pattern that is a lot more fun and intriguing. Moreover, the study material is available on mobile apps, making it easier for everyone to access without spending much.

An Effective Learning mechanism

Due to the involvement of rich visuals along with education, it highly engages students and keeps them hooked to the subject. Moreover, many AR e-learning apps incorporate speech technology to provide comprehensive details.

Practical Training

AR also helps in the training stage without burning a hole in the pocket or putting anybody’s life at risk. For instance, a medical practitioner can practice operating using AR technology.

Elimination of Physical Presence

Now that you know that AR learning apps can be used to take lessons, the platform can be accessed from anywhere, and there are no physical boundaries. Therefore, smart education enables students to learn from anywhere and anytime hassle-free.

Content Diversity

AR learning apps are not just restricted for school-going students, but they can be developed for any educational solutions, including AR for architecture, healthcare, and more.

Therefore, any learner from any field can grasp information about any niche using AR learning apps.

Isn’t it incredible?

To Sum Up

It won’t be wrong to mention that AR plays the magic trick in the digitization of education and will do wonders for the businesses developing such apps. It can be a breakthrough in the traditional learning patterns and enhance the entire experience to another level.

So, what is your take on developing an efficient AR learning app?

Schedule your first consultation with the professionals for more insights and informed decision-making on developing an AR-based e-learning app.

Happy innovation!

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