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Are you experiencing lack of readers for your blog? It’s not really the fault of your blog content. Here are few expensive tips to attract more readers to your blog.

You only focused on writing a great content rather than promoting or sharing. There are many factors associated with your Blog that can make you a successful Blogger. The hard part is to encourage users to subscribe to your blog with compelling content.

Few tips to attract readers to your blog :

Catchy Post Title :

This is important thing of a blog post. Readers of your blog always find a nice name before looking into it. You will miss some readers if your blog title is not interesting. So, before writing any post make sure it is optimized for your readers and search engines too.

Name Your Blog Title at Last :

Try to write your blog post title after totally completing the content. In this way you can improve your post title writing skill. That will be accurate with your content.

Promote Your Post :

The best thing to populate your blog is promotion. It can be on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon etc. As most of the users are always busy into social networking sites, so it helps them to get notified about your blog always. Social media promotion is just an art but one can easily achieve it by starting with few Social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

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Video Blogging :

Now a days most of the people works on Video Blogging. For example, when you search anything on google you can find few videos related to that which helps the readers too. You can set up your own video channel on YouTube and best part is, it is free.

Attract Readers by Logo and Template :

The Logo and Template of your blog can take a reader to peek into your blog again and again for no reason. So try to use some attractive and nice looking logo and template for your blog or site to get most of revisits.

Subscription Buttons :

Using subscription buttons readers subscribe to your site for first time and that will make them revisit again.

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