array_map: stop writing foreach() cycles

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Php 5.3 has a solution for ignoring for(), foreach() cycles that will reduce the average number of iteration structures you need to write i.e. array_map.

This function in PHP sends each value of an array to a user defined function, and then returns an array with new values that is given by the user defined function.

You can assign one array to the function or as many as you like.

While using two or more arrays, they should be of equal length. Because the callback function is applied in parallel to the corresponding elements.

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Return values:

This returns an array that is containing the values of array1, after applying the user-made function to each one.


function multiply($n)
    return($n * $n);

$a = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
$b = array_map("multiply", $a);


  [0] => 1
  [1] => 4
  [2] => 9
  [3] => 16
  [4] => 25

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