An Insight into Categorization Of Drones

Categorization Of Drones

Recently these small human-made gadgets have gained a lot of popularity among young as well as old ones. These quadcopters have been developed and made with many new features. The drones which are available in the market are used for several purposes such as travelling, photography and also recreation. You get to know about drones in detail in the website

Let me introduce to you types of drones available for your use.

The drones are divided into four types:

1. Multi-Rotor Quads

It’s a quadcopter which is used by professionals and one who is flying it for. These drones are used for photography, video recording and also for surveillance. This multi-rotor is a rotorcraft with more than two- lift- generating rotors. It can also be classified on the numbers of rotors which are attached:

  • Tricopter having three rotors
  • The quadcopter has four rotors
  • Octocopter which has eight rotors

These are the cheapest easy to manufacture quadcopter. But these quads lack many features. It gives a lower flight time and has a low speed. It will not hover to long-distance, hence not suitable to use in big projects. Moreover, they spend there most of the energy during stabilization which reduces its flight time.

2. Single Rotor Quads

These quads have one big rotor and one small mounted on its tail as its design resembles a helicopter.

They give a longer flight time and are much more efficient than multi-rotor quads. They are stable than multi drones, but due to its complex design, its operation is risky and time taking too. They are not beginners’ drones as they are challenging to handle.

3. Fixed Wing Quads

These drones have wings which are similar to aeroplanes. They give an average flight time of about an hour or two, but it uses a lot of energy to stabilize itself. They are both battery operated and gas engine powered, and if you have a gas-operated one, then it will give a flight time of 16 hours which makes it highly useful to use for long-distance operations. However, they are costly and also requires a skilled operator. It’s not easy to keep it still in the air, which makes it less useful for aerial photography, and they also need a runway to get launched and land. This drone is easy to fly and can be used by beginners also.

4. Hybrid VTOL

It’s a combination of both fixed-wing quad and rotor-based quads. These drones come with gyros and accelerometer meters which help it work ok with autopilot making the drone more stabilize. It comes with a remote control which makes it use easy and fast.

The other way to categorize drones based on how you want to use it:

Commercial Quadcopters

These types of drones are used for many purposes like for delivering packages, estate marketing etc. Moreover, these drones are equipped with many features which make its use more prominent. They are used for aerial shots and videography, which makes the work of money jobs easy and fast. Which commercial drone you will need is decided according to the type of work to be done and also it plays a huge role in the pricing of the quads.

Few of these quads are DJI Spark, DJI Mavic 2Pro, Free Fly Alta 8 and Intel’s Falcon 8.

All these quads come with unique specifications to serve a different purpose.

Sporty Quadcopter

These are mini or micro-drones which are generally categorized as toy drones. These drones are less expensive, but their features are no less than an expensive one. The toy drones are smaller in size yet durable to use, but it’s often a good idea to fly it indoor or in a less open area as due to its lighter weight it quickly has flown away by strong winds.

These are mostly beginners’ drones, but it can be pretty handy if you want to use to do some aerial photography. Moreover, you can always opt for a highly featured drone in a good range if you’re going to use it for highly professional work.

You can also get an FPV racing drone for recreational activity which is first-person view drone which gives you change for speed while flying on a real-life complicated 3D race track for more fun and thrill. Example DJI Spark, DJI Mavic 2Pro.

After reading this blog, you must have got an idea that which drone you want to buy and if you want to know more than visit the website of

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