Ads: Pros vs. Cons


Advertising is a way to transfer a message about your product, service,idea, or political platform to a broad audience. There isa multitude of possible ads channels ranging from traditional print ads, through television and radio advertisements to modern digital platforms. All these ways have one thing in common; they are paid presentation that has a goal of creating a demand for potential customers.

While this approach has many advantages, there are also some severe limitations of advertising. The mere cost can be overwhelming in a competitive market, especially for small and medium-sized companies. That is why we gathered all the pros and cons of advertisements.

Advantages and disadvantages of advertisement

Marketing has a huge budget, and often, the price of advertisements play a significant role in the final cost of a product. Ads are constantly changing, trying to find the right channel where most people consume their content. You can turn on adblocker on your browser, but you don’t have that option with all forms of advertisements.

The average consumer is bombarded with over 1,000 messages that promote brands and products daily. For business owners, there are some definite advantages to investing in ads.

Pros of advertisements

Without marketing and advertisement, it could be virtually impossible to launch a new product. Reaching out to potential customers with advertising is a great way to send a controlled message that introduces the target group with what you sell.

Unlike public relation releases, you will have absolute control over what and how to present to the audience.

marketing strategy

You can place key messages through various channels and target wide or narrow demographics depending on your needs. The omnichannel approach can build up your brand awareness, which can be pivotal when making a purchase decision.

Successful ads campaign will result in an increase in the sales of goods, which can trigger larger scale production and cheaper product in the end. Creating demand also create jobs on the other side.

Advertising is the main form of income for most media outlets. With consuming the advertising messages, customers help their tech portal, sports television, or rock radio to survive.

Depending on the channel, you can choose ads that promote the brand, or short-term campaigns with traffic and sales goals.

Cons of advertisements

One of the leading and most apparent disadvantages of advertising is the cost. TV commercials, especially on national networks, are often out of reach for small and medium companies. It’s not so different in the digital marketing arena, where big players have bought the best keywords.

Even if you have money and time to invest in advertising, there is still a good chance consumer will ignore the message. The study shows that more than 84% of the most significant target group, the millennials are influenced by user-generated content.

Companies try to sell the dreams to the consumer, and that leads into straight out lying like in the case of the perfect housewife who cleans the toughest stains with a drop of detergent.

That is why consumers look to word of mouth recommendation. That brings up alternatives to traditional advertisements like content and influencer marketing.

Content marketing is creating high-quality blog posts or other forms like YouTube videos that generate traffic and don’t advertise the product openly. It’s one of the main driving forces for Shopify online entrepreneurs, and the difference between great and mediocre content can be invaluable.

Just like in traditional marketing, you can outsource content marketing team with popular UK Edubirdie or freelance online platforms that have a large group of writers that can create an appropriate message.


That brings us to another disadvantage of advertisement. Unlike in content, social media, or influencer marketing, in traditional advertising, the focus is on the company and the brand. While creating brand awareness is critical, it can also create a disconnect with the average consumer.

Abovementioned content approach could be additional channel to soften your brand message. There are some exercises for you to recognize quality writing if you decide to go on with. Daily journaling can help you invest your money wisely or even jump-start your own content blog.

It’s all about the message

Advertising is an unavoidable element in the market economy and our society. Knowing the pros and cons of advertising can help you spend less and create a more focused campaign with maximum reach.

Choosing the right form is a crucial step. Delivering message to the targeted audience is now more accessible because of the vast number of possible channels.

It’s also challenging not to get lost in traffic, or to have results with a limited budget in competitive advertising battlefield. Some alternatives exploit the disadvantages of advertisement. With content creation or social media presence, you can deliver your message directly and cost-effectively to the customer.

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