A Simple Guide to Writing Marketing Emails to Help Your Business Grow

Sending Empathetic Emails

They say that the very first marketing email was sent in 1978, and it brought $13 million through sales. Since then, it has become one of the most commonly used marketing tools. Emails remain an effective way to build an authentic connection with your target audience, which can make your business thrive. Email marketing is both a relationship-building and profit-building tool.

It’s not about your company, but about your customers. This is a golden rule that can make your subscribers look forward to hearing from you every time. Hence, you should use this marketing tool to provide your subscribers and leads with relevant and valuable information that will help them take action towards achieving their goals. Emails can become your best marketing friend that helps to build a personal relationship with each one of your prospects and customers.

Effective marketing emails are not easy to write and sometimes businesses outsource them to writing services like ExpertWriting or 99Papers. But why pay more if you can learn how to do it yourself? Writing a marketing email can be broken down into a few steps. Read more about each of them below to create a successful campaign.

Learn more about your audience

Marketing specialists say that an effective email is a relevant email. Before getting to the writing itself, think about your audience. Customers will get interested in your product only if it matches their needs. So first, find out what your clients are like and what they need. Like everything else in marketing, email writing starts with creating your buyer persona.

Select the format

Once you’ve defined your target audience and learned what content is relevant for your potential customers, choose the type of your email campaign. Decide on whether it will be a weekly newsletter or a new product announcement as well as pick a blog post you want to share since it fits best to your audience’s needs. 

Add a catchy subject line

Subject line affects your open rates dramatically, hence you should pay special attention to it. A killer subject line revolves around grabbing a reader’s interest and keeping it. These goals can be achieved if you address the reader directly, include action words, and keep it short. Your subject line must be not only succinct but also unique. Note that people usually open emails if they feel they will benefit from it or if they’re worried about missing out. Besides, make sure it aligns with your body copy, so you deliver what you promise in your email.

Use the power of personalization

Personalization is extremely important when it comes to writing a marketing email for your audience. It is not only about putting people’s names in subject lines and email marketing copy to get their attention. To ensure that your email will not be overlooked, personalize it fully and differentiate it from anything else out there. Make sure that the body of your email speaks directly to your readers and nobody else. Personalization is associated with segmentation. Each segment of your audience is looking for something specific from your emails. Therefore, you can send different information depending on the age, gender, location, and desires of your readers.

Pay attention to diction

The right word choice can make reading your email a great experience. It is crucial for your email copy since most emails are short and every word counts. The best emails can stir readers’ imagination via analogies and other literary techniques. In order to appeal to people’s emotions, one should use sensory words that help to see and feel the picture you’re painting in your email. The right words can help you in building trust and getting your audience to take action.  

Make it clear

Your email must be not only catchy but clear as well. The copy should be descriptive and comprehensible. It should help your audience understand the purpose of your emails and develop realistic expectations about your company. Be as clear as possible regarding promises on what you can deliver, so this will maintain the authority of your business. 

Illustrate the advantages

Instead of listing the features of your offer, showcase its benefits. Let your readers see what rewards they will get from you. This is not only more valuable for people, but also presents a realistic picture of your product. Learning about the benefits that you offer helps readers understand what to expect from your business. This way they can also realize what’s unique and special about your product. Alongside the benefits, show the proof of them, which can be some stats or a link to a case study. 

Write in the second person

Using the second person makes it easier for customers to relate to the voice and content of your email. The second person is considered the best voice for email copy because it sounds personal and unique when you speak directly to your readers. Writing in the second person promotes the connection with people and enhances the likelihood that they’ll open your emails in the future.

Design it as a web copy

The structure of an email marketing copy should be similar to a web copy. Hence, it’s very important to follow a logical structure, keep paragraphs short, and include only one main idea to each of them. In order to make your marketing emails scannable, use bullets and subheadings breaking up blocks of text. 

Resort to psychological principles

Psychologists say that all people react in predictable ways to certain types of input. Knowing their reactions to specific stimuli helps marketing specialists create a more successful email marketing copy. Hence, one should pay attention to factors that make customers read and click your emails. For instance, the fear of missing out can be addressed with the help of time-limited discounts. Customers never want to lose anything valuable, so you can use scarcity and urgency in your email to drive sales. Write your emails according to the popular laws of Psychology to get the most out of your campaign. 


All in all, if you don’t want your marketing emails to get lost in crowded inboxes or be sent to the spam folder, stick to the guide given above. These simple rules will help you boost conversions and revenue by providing people with valuable information about your products and services. Well-written marketing emails are a great way to boost brand awareness and help your customers succeed in their goals.

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