A Few Do’s and Don’ts That You Must Know About Retractable Banners

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Retractable banners are mostly used for advertisement. Various businesses prefer to use images and texts on these banners to make them look visually appealing to their customers and prospects.

These retractable banners Chicago available at Chicago Signs & Printing are a quite cost-effective way to draw the attraction of more people into your own store. These banners also help in creating your brand awareness where you can display your marketing campaign message in a very attractive way.

Usually, they are a very portable, durable, and versatile option for your business promotions. They can be used as signage outside the store, in tradeshows, or at promotional events, etc.

The following are a few dos and don’ts that you must remember while you are handling such retractable banners.


Choose appropriate image size

Make sure that the image you use on your banner is neither too big nor too small so that nobody can see them properly.

Display clear message

Whatever marketing message you want to convey must be sweet and simple and anybody can understand just by looking at a glance. 

Keep most important info on eye level

You must ensure that your most important information must be at eye level or just above the center line so that anyone can see it even while they are in a hurry.

Chose all words very wisely

You must ensure that whatever information you want to convey through your banner must immediately catch the viewer’s attention. Prefer to use simple sentence only.

Prefer to keep an extra

You must keep at least one more extra banner with you so that in case one is not in very good shape, then the other can be displayed easily.

Handle with care

You may have to carry your banner at many places while going for your campaign and hence you must store it properly when not in use.

Mention your contact details

Your address and contact numbers must surely be present in the banner so that anyone who wishes can contact you in future.


Use too long words

Make sure that your message should not be too long and ambiguous so that people do not decipher anything from your message.

Use the too complicated message

Make sure that you avoid using very complicated words or phrases that people need to use a dictionary to understand the meaning of your message.

Forget to keep additional materials

Besides your banners, you must also keep few other types of marketing materials like brochures, and other stuff that you need during your marketing campaign.

Use cheaper materials

Use the material for your banner of very good quality. Any cheap material will offer a very poor image of your company and will defeat the very purpose of using such banners.

The main objective to use such portable displays is for delivering your marketing message very conveniently in a cost-effective manner. Use your creativity while designing your banner.

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