8 Steps for Making Your Lead Generation Process More Effective


Who is a lead? In marketing, a lead is a person or organization that is interested in your products or services. A lead is a prospect who has the potential of becoming a customer.

Generating leads for your business is a major determinant of successful sales. The lead generation process will put you on the right track to identifying and targeting the right audience. As such, it is important to maintain a long-term relationship with your leads by being creative and deliberate.

Lead generation is an important part of modern-day business. Generating leads is a marketing process that involves capturing potential customers called leads. It involves getting the interest and attention of people in your products and services.

Lead generation nurtures and maintains the interest of leads with the aim of turning them into paying clients.

Step 1

Discover Your Target Audience

Target Audience

This is the first step to an effective lead generation. You need to know the people who will be interested in your products before you can proceed.

Target audience are people who fit into a similar demographic or share certain behaviours. Your target audience should be related to the services you offer.

Identifying your target market will help you strategize your marketing. This is the first step in ensuring an effective lead generation process.

You need to understand your prospects and know what they want. What kind of things interest them? What is their age range? Where do they live? You need to identify how your product will be of benefit to them.

Discovering your audience is important so that your whole lead generation process won’t be wasted. You don’t want to put so much money and effort in targeting an audience that will not be beneficial in your sales lead generation.

For example, if your product is women’s shoes, you need to remove men and children from your target audience.

Finding the right audience might be a deal breaker for Start-ups. Start-ups can use outsourced lead generation services to achieve this. Outsourced lead generation is more cost effective. Also, Start-ups can decide if they want  complete or partial outsourcing.

Step 2



After you have identified your audience, blogging is an effective way to reach them. Most company websites have blogs but hardly use them. With your blogs, you can promote your business.

Blogging often is a great way to keep your customers engaged and informed about your products. Your blog posts should be consistent and should provide valuable content.

You can spice things up by blogging on random topics that are different from what you offer. This will make readers feel like you are actually interested in educating them and not just after their money.

Blogging is an excellent way of positioning yourself because you can create a tailor-made narrative. You can write on DIYs, how-to guides and series. You can earn readers trust by keeping them interested and engaged in your posts.

Step 3

Increase Your Content Ranking

Content Ranking

Quality content for your products and services is great, but ranking high is greater. I know you put in a lot of creativity in producing excellent content. You spend sleepless nights and hours researching for the best content.

You might even hire the best outsource marketing team to help you with your content. With all this excellence, if you don’t rank your content, it’ll be a waste.

Most people barely click on the second page of a Google search. You have to aim to increase your ranking and be on the first page. Make sure that your content meets all SEO requirements before you publish.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It involves steps that optimise your website. You can optimise your website by using relevant keywords and links. This will enable your website to be easily discovered and top Google search.

Step 4



With an up-to-date blog and high quality content in place, running ads is next. You can decide to run ads with your blog posts or other contents.

Running ads is a quick way of generating leads. Be intentional with your ads and take advantage of all platforms. Beyond Google ads, you can run social media ads. Understand how various platforms work.

Your major reason for ads should be to get clicks. So ensure you maximise ads platforms. Research on how to run targeted ads or hire a third-party company.

These third-party party companies are skilled in outsourced marketing. They have a professional outsource marketing team.

What is outsource marketing? It is contracting another company to help you with your marketing strategy. You can outsource sales companies to help you with sales lead generation.

These third party companies can  render great sales development services. They can offer both B2C and B2B lead generation services.

Step 5

Improve Your Landing Page

Improve Rank

Your landing page is the first impression from an ad click. It is a web page that directs visitors to take action. Enhance your landing page with an enticing call to action.

Most people make the mistake of using their homepage as a landing page. Your landing page should be different. It should make your visitors take action, like signing up.

Step 6

Include CTA on Multiple Web Pages


You can have web visitors either from your ads or homepage. You should have call-to-action on every possible page.

Call to Action (CTA) are promptings on web pages. They encourage a user to take swift actions. A CTA can be to get a user’s email or get them to make a purchase.

You can increase your chances of getting a lead with CTA on all your web pages. Include a CTA on every page possible. Make it simple for a user to leave their information.

Place the CTA in strategic corners so they can be visible but not obstructive. Getting personal information speeds up the lead generation process.

Step 7

Score Leads

Score Leads

From your call to actions, you may have interested leads who will drop their information. Assessyour leads and prioritize the ones who are most interactive.

Not all leads will patronise your business. You should place more value on those that have more tendencies of buying. You can indicate interested leads by their rate of visiting your website.

Also, people who spend more time reading your content might be interested in your products. Your aim is to drive sales and make a profit. So focus on leads that will help you achieve that.

Step 8

Maintain Existing Leads

Existing Leads

Once you start having interested people, don’t relax and think you have won them. Keep sending emails and offers.

As much as generating new leads is essential, don’t ignore existing leads. Follow up and nurture those that have shown interest in your products.

Aim at building long-lasting business relationships with leads that have signed up. Send personalised and encouraging emails. Remind them of your services and update them on the newest improvements.

Inform them about your sales development services if that is what you sell. Offer them a free trial of your services.


The lead generation process is an unending one. You have to stay on top of your game always. Remember you have competitors that are also working tirelessly.

Always look out for new trends and tag along. Update yourself and your team on new Inventions. Even the most successful businesses never stop scouting for leads. No matter the lead generation process you adopt, make sure it leads to sales. Try out different options and discover the one best for your business.

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