7 Helpful Tips for Email Marketing Associated with Blogger to Increase the Viewers

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Email is one of the most effective ways of professional and personal communication. No matter how much technology evolves, an email will hold its position as one of the efficient and convenient media of transferring data across an online network using the internet. It can prove to be a great benefactor when it comes to promoting your blogs. Some of the best marketing blogs take help of emails for boosting their reach. Blogging is not only limited to social media accounts like LinkedIn or Twitter, but email is another trend of blog marketing strategy.

Statista conducted a research regarding the traffic of email marketing and bloggers and came to the conclusion that about 3.7 billion people use emails in the world as of the year 2017 and nearly half of them use it for blog marketing. The number is on the rise in 2019.

How to increase blog traffic using email?

As mentioned earlier, emails operate on a short but important messages agenda and thus, if you are a blogger and want to increase your audience, email is worth a try. A person may not have an account on Facebook, but sure to have an email ID as it’s part of our daily lives.

Here are a few email marketing tips and techniques for getting traffic to the new blog

Send emails regularly

This repetitive technique of posting about your blog regularly is one of the best blog marketing tips that you can use. A survey shows that early morning can be a great time to send computer-generated emails to your potential clients who are likely to see your ad at the top when they open their inbox early morning. Your blog should be updated everyday. If you are not consistent with it, the people are likely to lose interest in your blog due to irregular updates.

Be specific

You should write your content without any extra knowledge only focusing on what you need to deliver.

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Linking with clients’ email

Your blog may be great in terms of content and design, however, if the client doesn’t know where to look for updates it may be confusing and cause a downfall in a number of viewers. The blog marketing services work upon a basic rule of linking your blog with the email of your audience. When a person logs onto your blog for the first time make sure you have the system of registering his email id with your blog for getting all sorts of updates or new posts. Make it mandatory to have him or her sign into an email verification via a pop-up on your blog’s home page. This automatically ensures that your client receives every update on its email account.

Keep it simple

In this world of people have less time to see long ads with huge description. Effective email marketing is possible by keeping the content of your advert email very short and crisp with limited text. Also, the configuration should be easily accessible by mobile phones. You can have a simple layout with minimum words but focusing on your objectives. If you are using an image keep it of a lower size so the ad will load faster.


Most of the business is sustaining on the whole point of repeat customers. Personalize your emails in order to make your clients feel respected and cared for. For sure, nobody will turn their back on your blog if you send a personalized email to them such assometimes providing a complimentary subscription for your blog. Make sure you don’t use a lot of information otherwise they will get offended for sure.

Email fragmentation

Your email can be promising to some, not all. Different people have varied perspectives or perceiving your blogging ads. Your email marketing blog should be segmented in a way to suit everyone. For instance, your business clients must be sent different content while personal users may look up to something nice and informal. This helps in creating an impact on all sorts of clients.

Social Media

Last but not least, social media is the biggest step to success in your blogging endeavour. It is still one of the trending email marketing tips to increase sales through your blog. The best way is to produce hyperlinks of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in your email to be sent to the clients. They will get redirected easily to your other accounts and thus increase views indirectly. A method of expanding your blog from one person to another, email and social media are best to be connected together.


Various blog marketing services will assist you to make your blog rank the highest in the market. Email marketing has no end and with skilful use of it for promoting your blogs, the above email management tips will work wonders. You need to figure out how and at what time your emails will get maximum views. This, in turn, will increase the number of visits to your blog.

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