6 Free online CSS sprite generator

CSS to half of a character

Image sprite is a collection of images put into a single image depends on particular position of a image.

Basically CSS sprites are used for faster loading of your site.

Read our previous article about CSS Image Sprites.

There are few online CSS Sprite generator tool which is very handy to create sprites quickly.

1) CSS Sprite Generator

CSS sprites are a easy way for reducing the number of HTTP requests which is made for image resources referenced by our site and those images are combined into only one larger image i.e. at defined X and Y coorindates.

CSS Sprite Generator


2) Drupal Data URI Sprites Generator

Here the module parses aggregated CSS files for images and removes images from it, generating additional CSS file which contains images in Data URI format.

Drupal Data URI Sprites Generator


3) Drupal CSS Sprite Generator

Feel free to provide the feature requests on which you would like to view for the future of this module.

Drupal CSS Sprite Generator


4) CSS Sprites Generator

Make image sprite using CSS sprites generator.

CSS Sprites Generator


5) CSS Spritegen

CSS sprites allow you to upload multiple images and combine into a single file for reducing the number of HTTP requests and speeding up page loading.

CSS Spritegen


6) SpriteMe

Install SpriteMe by dragging limk to your bookmark toolbar or right click to add it to your favorites.



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  1. This article is quite informative. I used some of these tools. Finding it unsatisfying is really optimizing the images to minimum possible.

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