5 Ways to Increase eBay Sales in 2021


Amazon is the king of online shopping sites. According to online shopping statistics, an average Amazon Prime member spends $1,400 each year on Amazon. Amazon is a powerful platform with great options to sell your products, and that’s why the competition is tough. 

If you believe your products will have a hard time gaining proper exposure on Amazon, you might want to consider eBay. This platform has more than 180 million users. Setting up a store is simple, and these are some hacks you can use to boost eBay sales. 

Optimize Your Product Descriptions

Cassini is eBay’s search engine. Even though nobody knows how the Cassini algorithm really works, you can still rank your products on the first page. Cassini collects various information when you list a product, such as the return policy, product info, shipping time, sell-through rates, and similar. Based on that data, it will assign a score to each listing. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your product descriptions properly. Focus on and improve: 

  • The product title
  • Item specifications
  • Categories
  • Description 
  • Customer feedback 
  • Free shipping
  • Photos 
  • Third-party traffic

Regularly List New Items 

Just like social media, eBay loves activity. It will reward stores that post new items daily. Plus, your new items will appear at the top of the Time: Newly Listed search. If you know you won’t have time to post manually, use the scheduling feature. 

While posting new items daily is an ideal way to get more sales, sometimes that’s not an option. However, there are ways to make the algorithm believe you posted new products. End current listings, tweak the descriptions or headlines, and re-release them. Remember to delete the duplicate listings and leave the fresh one on. 

Minimize Negative Reviews

Minimizing the chances to receive negative reviews will keep your eBay rankings high and increase your sales. This can be tricky to achieve, but with good customer support, it’s possible. Keep communicating with your customers and go the extra mile to solve their problems. Answer questions quickly, and don’t be afraid of occasional refunds. 

If a negative review does happen, you have two options to remove it. First, reach out to a buyer and ask to discuss the poor review with them. Sometimes people make mistakes like leaving a one-star with a positive comment. Keep in mind that there’s a catch. eBay will let you ask for only five feedback revisions per 1,000 reviews a year. Second, you can report the review to eBay. 

Share Listings on Social Media

People browse Pinterest to shop, and Instagram has recently added a shop button. This is a clear sign that businesses can use those platforms to sell products and services successfully. Chances are you’re already using social media to promote your brand. 

You’ll see Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the email buttons above the seller information. Use them to share your listings on those platforms. You can also set up a Facebook business page, join eBay groups, and promote video pins on Pinterest. In time, expand to other social media platforms to increase sales. 

Sell at the Right Price

If a customer has to choose between two products, they’ll go for the cheaper one. Determining the prices for your products can be tough, especially if you’re selling a popular product. Know that you should protect your margins. There’s no point in selling if you aren’t earning enough. 

Another thing to avoid is having different prices on different ecommerce platforms. Analyze both markets and calculate your expenses. Then match the prices in all online stores. That way, you won’t risk account suspension, and customers will keep coming. 


Even though the eBay algorithm is kept a secret, you can still increase your sales with these simple hacks. Focus on optimizing your products and stores. Work diligently to offer the best customer support and avoid negative feedback. Share your listings on social media, and don’t forget that selling for the right price will retain customers and keep your business running.

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