5 Top challenges in Cloud computing

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Cloud computing has reached the peak of the market lately. Well, there is no one who has not already heard of it. If we imply cloud computing in one line then we can say that preserving, accessing, and handling the big data files and applications online. There are firewall networks in cloud computing to prevent your cloud from undesired attacks.

Cloud computing technology is a thing that helps you to run an application or software without using the hard disk of your device. Also, there are people who use cloud computing in daily life. Not only people there are businesses who use cloud computing inside their offices and enterprises.

What are the examples of Cloud computing? We make online documents through google documents and online email is a type of Cloud computing.

There are so many types of Cloud computing in the IT industry such as…

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • SasS (Software as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Cloud Computing helps businesses and brings amazing results in time. RightScale did a study in 2019 and found out that there are 94% of organizations are using cloud computing services and 91% were already utilizing the public cloud.

5 Challenges in cloud computing: 2022

Cloud computing does have very much strength in businesses but it also has some issues with it. You can not be 100% trustful in cloud computing because in some cases it can make a major problem. Let’s get to know them briefly.

1. Security of Data

There are so many questions that remained unanswered when it comes to cloud computing. There are mysterious threats like website hacking and virus attack are the biggest threats to cloud computing and your personal device as well.

If you want to utilize cloud computing for your business or enterprise then as a leader of it you should first think about these things (Security concerns). Because everything later, security first. If you are transferring your data to another company or a person then you must think about your cloud security and its security management system.

There is a study by Crowd Research Partner, that there are 9 out of 10 cybersecurity experts who are concerned about cloud security. Well even IT experts are not this concerned about it.  

2. Lack of resources and expertise

In 2022 the lack of expertise in cloud computing will hit the market hard. Because it is one of the greatest problems of cloud computing. From a report by RightScale, 75% of people think that the lack of expertise in cloud computing can cause disaster whilst some said (23%) that it can cost a serious disaster in the IT Sector.

Still, there are trying to become superior in cloud computing, particularly IT experts, and no doubt they are trying their level best to do so. They are also trying to do future predictions for cloud computing.

“Businesses will only prioritize the tech employees with the knowledge and skills of the most recent growth in the cloud, mobile, open-source, big data, security, and other technologies in upcoming years”

  • Robert Half Technology 2019 Salary Guide

Also, there are several organizations hiring skilled and experienced employees in cloud computing for the better growth of their company.

3. Governance over IT Sector

In this cloud-based world, IT does not have complete control over some industries such as infrastructure delivery, provisioning, and operation. The need for compliance, governance, data quality, and risk management has risen due to these problems in Cloud Computing.

To the solution of it, IT should embrace the conventional control over management procedures. With the help of the unity of businesses in IT, it has played an increasing role in mediation, preferences, and control over cloud computing.  

4. Cost management

The report from RightScale suggests that it is not security that is the biggest problem but it is the cost and spending of cloud computing. According to their studies, businesses are ruining 30% of money behind cloud computing.

There are some mistakes done by the experts too. As a developer sometimes people spend some time on the cloud and then forget to turn it off.

There is a tech solution that can help organizations such as….

  • Automation
  • Cloud Spending Management solutions
  • Serverless services
  • Containers
  • Autoscaling features
  • Management tools

5. Compliance

In cloud computing compliance is also one of the biggest challenges in 2022. This is a major problem for people who are using cloud storage or backup services. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has suggested that it will expedite compliance in the future.

If the professionals are aware of the compliance need of the company then they will be able to concentrate on their duties priorly.


Cloud computing is not very easy to maintain and also it is not that safe. Yes, it is safe to some extent but you can not be using cloud computing for every kind of personal detail. Cloud computing can be very useful in nearest future but you will have to be careful about what details you provide to it. So, have some patience till this technology come up with the ideas to resolve the problems those are faced by it.

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