5 Tips to Manage Your Workplace During COVID-19 for Maximum Safety


While the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be getting under control in many parts of the world, there’s no denying that it is still present almost everywhere and the risk for businesses in all sectors are still quite high. Last year was a difficult one for companies in all industries and sectors when the pandemic was at its highest, and in 2021, business leaders need to double down on their COVID-19 prevention measures in order to ensure business continuity, survival, and perhaps even growth.

It all comes down to how well you’re able to keep your workplace, employees, and customers safe in the times of the pandemic. A single employee who tests positive for COVID-19 can put your entire operation to a grinding halt, so prevention is key. That said, you also want to have a solid plan of attack when someone inevitably starts exhibiting symptoms.

Let’s put all of this into perspective and give you the top tips you can use to better manage your workplace during the pandemic and keep everyone safe.

Clean the workplace regularly

First and foremost, cleanliness is something that should not only become a part of your workplace culture, but it’s something that you as the leader need to invest in more during the pandemic. It is no longer enough to clean and sanitize the space once a day, nowadays you need to invest in regular and frequent cleaning by employing professional cleaners instead of asking your staff to tidy up after themselves.

You want to disinfect the space across the board at the end of every shift, but also during the day in between shifts. This will ensure that the workplace is ready for the next shift with minimal risk of infection in case the virus got onto a surface. Remember, the virus can linger on surfaces for several hours, so it’s important to eliminate it with the right disinfectants before it’s too late.

Provide disinfectants and masks to employees

You cannot expect your employees to do everything themselves, and you can’t rely on them to always have their masks with them or to bring their own hand sanitizers from home. You can’t even rely on them to wash their hands at work frequently so it’s important to make it easier for them to adhere to proper hygiene.

You can do this simply by putting hand sanitizers strategically around the space, whether it’s an office, a warehouse, or a retail store, to make it impossible for employees to skip sanitizing their hands throughout the day. While it is mandatory for them to wear masks at the office, always make sure that they can grab a new mask at work in case their mask gets torn or simply needs replacing. This way, you’ll always know that people are wearing masks and keeping each other safe.

Monitor human interaction and act quickly

Of course, it’s not just about keeping your hands clean or wearing a mask, because a big part of workplace safety is physical distancing. Now, in many work environments, it is literally impossible to keep people from working in close proximity to each other, so it’s important to use the right tech to monitor human interaction and be able to act quickly when someone starts exhibiting symptoms.

You want to use technology like a Bluetooth Covid contact tracing card to automate this process and avoid human error, and because manual oversight and management is next to impossible. Your employees can wear the cards that help log important data about their movement and whom they have been in contact with at the workplace.

When an employee starts exhibiting symptoms, you can use that data to isolate them but also the employees they have been in contact with. This is the best alternative to having to put the entire employee collective in quarantine and jeopardize your entire operation because you have no idea whom they interacted with or where they went.

Ensure proper ventilation and air conditioning

Proper airflow is paramount to employee and customer safety during the pandemic, because the last thing you want is for the virus to linger in your place of business. Keep in mind that face masks are not 100% effective, and that there is always a chance that the virus will make it into the air if someone sneezes.

It can be an employee or a customer, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that your ventilation system is able to filter out the old air and push fresh air in to take the virus out of your work environment.

Educate employees and customers on the pandemic

Lastly, proper education can play a big role in keeping your employees safe, but also in ensuring the safety of your customers on a daily basis. Make sure to invest in employee training and education, and help them understand what the virus is, how it behaves, what the risks and the symptoms are, and most importantly, why adhering to the safety and prevention measures is so important.

That said, it’s also important to use this opportunity to educate your customers as well. Show them that you care for their well-being by posting about COVID-19 prevention online, and at your place of business. You can use digital signage to make these messages captivating and more impactful with beautiful visuals, and really drive the point home.

One more step to do is to use floor stickers for social distancing, not only to remind people but also to teach them how to act properly. You can also hang some informational posters on the walls teaching them a lot of basic staff on pandemics.

Over to you

It’s not easy staying open during a pandemic, because it only takes a single person, customer or employee, to show a symptom and you would probably have to go into lockdown. Be sure to avoid this business-busting scenario by investing in these prevention measures that will help you keep everyone in your business safe.

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  1. Working in office during COVID 19 Pandemic is more challenging, we have to take care of ourselves and others in proper hygiene way.

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