5 Tips For Anyone Considering A Career in Software Engineering

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When you figure out what you want to do for a career, that’s only the first step toward achieving that career. Different jobs have different requirements and things you can do to prepare for them. Here are five tips for anyone considering a career in software engineering.

1. Develop Your Hard And Soft Skills

There are several hard and soft skills software engineers need to know and several that can make you a more attractive potential hire. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in software engineering, then it’s a good idea to develop those hard and soft skills. Hard skills include learning to understand and use coding languages, editing and troubleshooting. They’re the practical skills needed for this career. Soft skills are the activities that support hard skills. They include organization, communication and multitasking.

2. Pay Attention To Industry Trends

Software development is an industry that is constantly evolving, which means it can cycle through trends and develop new technologies and applications very quickly. It’s important to stay up-to-date on various industry trends so you’re aware of and can familiarize yourself with things you may need to work on. For example, software development is currently focused on the cloud, platform engineering and other relatively new technologies, so learning about these can help you find interesting, unique or long-term job opportunities.

3. Practice Discussing Your Experiences

Part of any career is the application and interviewing process. Chances are that you’ll submit many applications and schedule many interviews over the course of your career. You need to make sure you can interview your interviewer, recognize red and green flags during interviews and anticipate and successfully answer questions. You also need to be able to discuss your experiences, whether prompted or unprompted, with mentors, interviewers and industry authorities. Write an elevator pitch and memorize it. Always write a new cover letter for each application you submit that is unique to each company you’re sending an application to. Practice discussing your background, skills, and interests related to this field with friends and family before your interviews.

4. Broaden Your Knowledge

While coding and coding languages are the things most people think of when they think of careers in software engineering, the reality is that these skills will only encompass part of your work. At times, they may not even make up a significant part of your workload. You’ll need to make sure you broaden your knowledge and understand how to do other things than just coding. Make sure you can interpret existing code. Learn how to effectively edit and debug code. Brush up on seemingly unrelated skills, too, such as researching, presenting findings and data, participating in meetings and writing. Writing in particular is vital to software engineers. You need to be able to write notes others can understand and communicate via email and other text-based platforms.

5. Invest in Continuous Improvement

Because of how quickly this industry can change, advance and expand, it’s a good idea for those interested in software engineering careers to invest in continuous improvement. Most software engineers spend time both learning new skills and keeping their existing skills sharp. There are many methods available for you to do both of these things. You can take advantage of online and in-person classes at universities and other educational service providers, such as coding boot camps. You can also attend conferences, take advantage of new opportunities and projects at work, seek an industry mentor and study industry publications, such as journals and blogs.


There are many paths you can take to build a career in software engineering. These tips may be useful to you no matter which path you end up taking.

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