5 Best Alternatives to WordPress

Alternatives to WordPress

Millions of people use WordPress to make their website. Out of all the websites that you see on the web, around 35% uses WordPress. This is a huge number when it comes to worldwide popularity, while users post more than 70 million new posts on WordPress sites in a month. In a month, people search the word WordPress for almost 3 million times.

WordPress is probably the first choice of non-tech people today when they want to create their own website. So, what could the possible case when you are looking for an alternative to this tech giant?

Expert users say that they are not getting the best SEO for their WordPress sites. But other users complain that WordPress is like a black paper, and for each action, you need a separate plugin. This increase dependence and decrease speed. You need to manage a lot of themes and plugins updates, and it is a hectic work if you have a large website.

So, here in this article, we will look at the top 5 best alternatives to WordPress. We will also look at what makes them the best ones.

Wix – Most Flexible Designs

We know that a WordPress site comes with many free designs. However, the hectic part comes to manage these designs as per your need. You must do a lot of hard work and add so many plugins before your WP site is ready to use.

When it comes to Wix, things differ a lot. There is the same bunch of designs for all users, even the free ones. You must drag and drop them with a simple mouse pointer and adjust the options where you need them. As a result, managing your website becomes just a matter of some clicks.

Users are also happy about the built-in SEO features as they have more chances to rank in search engines. You have the freedom to add different animations or even videos in the background. However, once you select a template, you have no way to change it.

Weebly – Very Easy to Use

When it comes to ease of use, you won’t see any website builder working better than Weebly. The best part is that most basic features are available free of charge. You have to tolerate a Weebly banner in the footer of your website and enjoy free features.

The ease of use and diverse free options always attracts new users as they prefer Weebly. To date, there are more than 40 million sites on the web that uses Weebly builder. You have the freedom to use personal domains by creating a personal plan with as low as $6 per month.

Most users prefer Weebly for their blogging needs. They use different easy features that are available for bloggers. Features like layouts, gallery elements, more freedom in tags, categories, and comments, and other related features are heaven for bloggers.

Joomla – Complex but Very Powerful

If you find WP difficult to use, then Joomla is not for you. The reason is that this website builder is even complex and much difficult to use than WP. The options here are very complex, and you need complete training before you are able to use it.

So, why people prefer to use Joomla and why is it so famous? The reason is its security and the latest powerful options. Joomla gives you two-factor auth features that enhance your web security. It is a smaller platform than WP, so historically, it is safer than WP. So, the first reason for Joomla using is its added security features.

The other thing that users love about Joomla is its powerful features. It comes with so many built-in features that you will hardly need something else. However, managing it is a difficult task. So, we will recommend only expert users to try Joomla.

Shopify – Best eCommerce

The above three solutions were related to making a complete website. However, most users now want to make an eCommerce website. Shopify provides the best solution for all these people. Today, most people prefer to use the Shopify built-in options to create an eCommerce store for them instead of any other website builder.

The reason is that Shopify is an easy solution. It gives you so many integrated options that managing your web store becomes easier. It gives you a neat website with responsive designs to support your commerce. You will get so many product variants here and find built-in options that will allow you to calculate taxes easily. Thus, Shopify gives you a complete eCommerce package.

There are certain cons, too, like managing multiple currencies is difficult. Shopify will also charge you a certain fee from each sale. But overall, it is an easy and convenient option.

Site123 – Best Free Builder

Now back to a complete builder, we find Site123 one of the best as it gives you free features. We see that there are multiple free features in other builders too. However, you must pay in one sense or another to ensure your website runs smoothly.

But when it comes to Site123, most users manage to run their whole website using these free features. Thus, you may not need to spend any. You can create multiple pages website, use SEO features, and also fast support center that will help you at any stage.

You will also find premium plans in Site123 that some users use. Usually, once your website grows and starts generating your income, then you can use these features to make things even better.

Final words:

Indeed, WordPress is one of the best solutions when it comes to building your own website. We don’t deny as the stats show the web is full of WP sites. However, there are certain points when this tech giant is unable to solve your issues.

In these cases, you can look forward to these powerful alternatives. When it comes to managing the SEO or ensuring the security of your website, you will find one of these alternatives performing much better than WP, and this is where we will recommend you use them.

If you are still not sure of which alternative to go for you can always look for a Web Design Agency to offer you more advice.

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