10 mistake how Google Adsense get banned

Google Adsense get banned

Google Adsense is very strict and you can get blacklisted at any time by misuse like invalid click, copyright etc.

Here are top 10 things by which Google Adsense get banned, so you should avoid this.

  • Paid Traffic: Buying traffic is not allowed according to Google Adsense terms of services.
  • Copyright content: Distributing copyright content like Movies, songs or any other files is totally ban.
  • Altering Adsense code: Changing Adsense code is not permitted by Google.
  • Invalid Clicks: Do not click your own ads otherwise your account will be banned.
  • Advertisement label: Do not fool readers to click anyhow the adsense link.
  • Sending ads on Email: Avoid sending adsence over email.
  • Linking to site to Illegal and copyright content: Do not link to any website which shows any illegal or copyright content.
  • Adsense on unsupported language: Google does not support all languages to pass Adsense program.
  • Competitive contextual advertisement: Do not use any other contextual advertisement programs like Infolinks, BuySellads etc.
  • Maximum Adsense on a page: AdSense will not show more than three content ad unit in a page.

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