How To Become A Certified Translator In 2022

Certified Translator

Without a doubt, becoming a certified translator in 2022 is more important than ever because it reveals new opportunities and places a person who is good with foreign languages in a special niche. Regardless of whether you are planning to make your income as a freelancer or want to be a part of a large translation agency, the most essential is to provide clear proof of your skills. Even if you have a diploma in linguistics, earning your ATA-level translation will be essential to deal with professional-grade documents. It may take time to get prepared for all the tests involved, yet it will always pay off in the end.

How To Become A Certified Translator In 2022.

Apply For ATA Translator’s Certificate.

According to the American Translator’s Association website, one must pass the relevant exam successfully. It lasts for three hours and includes comprehension of the foreign text, excellent translation techniques, and writing skills in another language. Of course, they will also check your grammar, pronunciation, and ability to communicate in your native language. The price for applying is around $500 unless you have an associative membership.

Learn About Modern Translation Standards.

Even as you explore various options to receive your translator’s certificate, do not forget about the standards that must be followed as you translate documents or song lyrics. See translation services for business to understand how to format things like glossary or appendix entries. Depending on the target language, it plays an essential role in the style of business documents and legislation as the final text will become larger or will require additional notes.

Consider Free Translation Courses.

If you are not entirely sure about your career as a professional translator, consider exploring free options available at Khan Academy or Coursera to learn more about the role of a translator. Remember that there are rules to follow and standards that help tell a mediocre translation from a human translation text. Joining one of the free courses will help you explore the translator’s responsibilities and linguistic standards.

Explore Translation Standards In Your Academic Field.

If you are majoring in Chemistry and would like to become a technical translation specialist, take your time to study the requirements for your specific area. As a rule, there will be a necessity for additional training, which can be explored by contacting ATA or your educational institution. It may need additional technical requirements that will be powerful enough to run various translation tools. Once you pass the relevant exams successfully, it will be a valuable addition to your CCE (in the case of a chemical engineer) or any other primary academic degree.

Learn To Promote Yourself

Once you have all your certificates at hand, it is essential to advertise your skills right away because people have to know why and how exactly you stand out from the list of available professional translators. Since the competition is fierce these days, think of creating a strong resume, promoting yourself on LinkedIn, and remembering to post various testimonials from your satisfied clients. Get the word out there and work on your social skills as it matters just as much as your certification! It is one of those aspects that should not be ignored by translators in 2022 who want to achieve success.

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