Why and How to hire Laravel Developers India?

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Laravel is one of the most secure, robust, and popular web app frameworks in 2022. It powers more than 1,561,376 websites currently. Popular websites like 9GAG, BBC, About you, Ratio, and Pfizer use Laravel as their preferred backend web app development framework. However, laravel developers are always in demand, and hiring the right talents for your project can be challenging without a good guide. Luckily for you, we have curated the ultimate guide on how to Hire Laravel developers in India for your next Laravel project.

Why Hire Laravel Developers from India?

Before we get to the how part, we should first cover the benefits of hiring Laravel developers from India.

India is one of the leading IT hubs with experienced, skilled, and dedicated developers available for hire at the most cost-effective rates compared to developer hire rates in countries like the US, UK, Canada, and more. Here is how hiring Laravel developers from India can be beneficial for your business –

1. Cost Effective

Onshore app development agencies in the US, UK, and other countries generally charge way more for their services than agencies in India. This is because the average pay rate of developers largely depends on the living cost of their geographical location and minimum wage standards.

Despite being cost-effective, Laravel developers in India are some of the best trained and experienced experts in the domain, ensuring your Laravel project is developed to the best standards. For a basic idea, the average Laravel hourly rate for developers in the US stands at $120/hour, whereas in India, it comes to around $25/hour.

2. Access to diverse and top Laravel Talents

A true Laravel developer who can be an asset to your company is someone who is both experienced and aware of the latest tools and trends in Laravel development. In addition, they should be able to use the valuable assets available to them in a way that makes sense for your custom Laravel web app.

Hiring Laravel developers from a top Laravel development company in India will give you access to some of their top talents who can help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing with your Laravel project.

3. Better Time Management and Faster Project Completion

All the best Laravel development agencies in India follow globally accepted and efficient work methodologies such as Agile development and SCRUM management. Your projects are broken down into measurable milestones called ‘Sprints,’ and you get constant inputs and insights into the development process to keep you in the loop of how the project is taking shape.

You are also assigned a dedicated Project Manager that becomes your person of contact for any queries or suggestions you have regarding the project. Also, Laravel developers in India take deliverables very seriously and generally easily complete projects before or on time. Hence if you are on urgent deadlines, Laravel developers in India will come through for you.

4. Full Stack Laravel Solutions

If you outsource your Laravel app project to a Laravel app development company in India, you won’t have to find other service providers for different aspects of your web app. Instead, you will discover full-stack Laravel app development and design solutions under one roof, making your entire project much easier to manage and the overall quality of your Laravel app highly efficient.

5. Fresh Perspective on your Laravel Project

Hiring Laravel developers offshore will give you a fresh perspective on your Laravel project as they would see it from an outsider’s point of view. This is beneficial as there will be no bias in their judgment, reviews, and feedback, leading to some fresh ideas that could change the way your Laravel app performs in the future for good.

6. Seamless and efficient migration to Laravel from other frameworks

Suppose you already have a website ready based on other backend frameworks, but it isn’t yielding much profits or traction for you. In that case, you can easily migrate your existing website to Laravel. All you need to do is hire dedicated developers from a reputed Laravel app development company and tell them about your current website and migration requirements to Laravel.

How to Hire Laravel Developers India?

Now that we understand the benefits of hiring Laravel developers from India, here are some of the tips to follow when looking for Laravel developers for hire in India.

1. Have a clear understanding of your Project Requirements

Being the client, irrespective of your technical or non-technical background, you need to do some basic homework before scouting for Laravel development agencies to build your web app.

Understand your basic project requirements, who your target audience is, and what kind of website you are planning to build. Answering such questions will give you much better clarity about what you want from your Laravel developer, which will make the hiring process a lot easier.

2. Choose your Laravel App Development Company wisely.

Where you hire Laravel developers from will make all the difference. When searching for top Laravel development companies in India, thoroughly review their website and services. Check for their work portfolio and hiring models. This will help you get a better insight into their actual work and a basic idea of their app development process and policies.

3. Gauge the potential Laravel Developers thoroughly

Once you have shortlisted the right Laravel app development company, they will most likely provide you with their Laravel developers profile to choose from for your project.

Here, you need to conduct a formal interview to understand their practical knowledge of Laravel, Laravel tools, and the latest best practices in Laravel development. You can also ask for their work portfolios to gauge their abilities better. Finally, ensure to check their communication skills while taking their interview.

4. Double Check for NDA and other legal documents

Outsourcing your project can be risky, especially if you outsource it offshore. However, top Laravel development companies are aware of this hesitation and hence provide proper NDA, code ownership, SLA (Service Level Agreement), and all the necessary documents to make you feel secure about sharing your app idea and getting your app developed. So, before you finalize a deal with any company, ask them about their policies on such matters.

5. Onboard your Laravel Talents

After going through a thorough background check and understanding what factors to look out for when hiring a Laravel developer, you can now onboard the Laravel developers by signing the necessary paperwork and following all the onboarding protocols of the app development company.

Final Words

I hope you now have a proper understanding of how to hire Laravel developers from India easily. As you read above, there are many benefits to outsourcing your Laravel project to India or hiring dedicated Laravel developers to assess your team on your ongoing Laravel project.

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