Top Flutter Libraries, Tools, Packages, And Plugins For Development


The mobile app community has been embracing the Google-incepted Flutter UI framework for its cross-platform app development compatibility and open-source libraries and plugins that help developers and top website development company in creating apps for mobile, web, and desktop with just a single codebase.

Having a larger community of developers, Flutter’s user base is achieving new heights of success. This is due to the vast level of libraries, plugins, & packages the framework offers that help reduces the development time while extending the language’s efficiency. Flutter also offers a few particular features like image caching HTTP calls with the right set of development tools that save quality time for a mobile app developer.

In this blog, we will put light on the top Flutter libraries, tools, packages, & plugins that offer remarkable support for flutter app development. Let’s have a quick look at the list below!

Top Useful Flutter Libraries to Watch Out for in 2022

1. FI_chart

Although fl chart is a terrific library that supports pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and other graphics, as far as I’m aware, there isn’t anything formal for the graphics yet. Additionally, it offers outstanding packages and options for customizing the appearance and feel of the graphs so that data-intensive apps may be created with capabilities like filtering, analytics, and generating visuals.

2. GetIt

The most important package you can use to structure your application for improved performance is this one. It is a straightforward Splat-inspired Service Locator for Dart. Many well-known Flutter apps utilize GetIt, and many app development company uses it with practically all of the Flutter applications. Most frequent usage:

  • Access View/AppModels/Managers/BLoCs from Flutter Views to gain access to service objects like databases and REST API clients.

3. Rxdart

It is a ReactiveX-based reactive functional programming library for Google Dart. To give an alternative API to RxDart, Google Dart has developed an out-of-the-box Streams API.

4. Cached_network_image

The pictures from the web are shown and cached using Cached NetworkImage. It may also be utilized with error and placeholder widgets.

5. Flushbar

Flushbar makes it simple to create error messages, brief information messages, and warning messages to alert users and direct them about certain activities.

6. Url_launcher

Among the greatest Flutter packages, this one helps launch URLs in mobile apps using preset schemas and a variety of functions because it works with both iOS and Android. For a variety of URL schemes, including HTTP, email, and SMS, it is preferred.

7. Dio

Dio is a known and potent HTTP client for Dart that supports interceptors, FormData, global settings, request cancellation, timeout, and more.

Top Flutter Development Tools

1. Firebase

Among its numerous features are analytics, a real-time database, Admob, messaging, hosting, crash reporting, and Firebase Authentication. Firebase is an excellent tool. Integrating Firebase into a Flutter project and selling it as a cross-platform application is quite straightforward. The Firebase APIs may be integrated into a single SDK as a unified backend.


2Dimentions was the previous name for Rive. Designing UI or characters without relying on mockups is possible when you work directly on real assets. It is really easy to add load files to your app or game with Rive.

3. Screenshots

It is a standalone command-line tool and package for screenshotting Flutter applications. Flutter may include screenshots to function on iOS and Android app development.

Screenshots from Maurice McCabe on Vimeo are a demonstration of screenshots in action.

4. Codemagic

Codemagic is a useful tool if you’re seeking for one to speed up the creation of Flutter apps. The entire process of your Flutter application may be automated using Codemagic.

Top Flutter Packages for Development

Here is a list of the top Flutter packages that entrepreneurs may utilize to create their products.

1. Image_picker

A popular flutter plugin called Image picker is used to choose pictures from both OS libraries.

2. Path_provider

To get development files for iOS and Android, utilize this Flutter Plugin package.

3. SQLite

Both the iOS and Android operating systems are supported by this plugin.

  • Supports batch and transaction processing
  • Automatic version control at the beginning
  • It offers tools for background threaded database operations including adding, updating, and removing queries.

4. Scope Model

A group of tools called the scope model is used to convey a data model from the parent widget to its offspring. Model class, ScopeModel widget, and scopeModelDescendant widget are its three core classes.

5. Flutter_webview_plug-in

The flutter review plug-in is a very useful package if you want your Flutter app to interact with the native Webview.

Top 10 Flutter Plugins

Use these top Flutter plugins to save a tonne of time during development.

  1. Flutter Plugins: The official Flutter team has created this repository, which contains the core functionalities of a mobile app, including WebView, Video Player, Maps, Alarm Manager, Firebase service, etc.
  2. SpriteWidget: This toolkit is utilized to develop intricate and speedy 2D games and animations for a full-fledged game.
  3. Zebra EMDK: To provide easy access to the API for barcode scanners.
  4. Proximity Sensor Plugin: To use your device’s proximity sensor.
  5. Google Mobile Vision: This function is provided by Google Mobile Vision.
  6. Offline: To cope with connectivity both offline and online.
  7. Snaplist: Create list views that can be snapped.
  8. Calendar Widget: To scroll a list of events on a calendar.
  9.  Flutter Location: When the location changes, this plugin handles callbacks.
  10. Speech Recognition: OS 10+ / Android 4.1+ can recognise speech.

Over to you

Flutter app development has become the most renowned app development framework not just for developers but also for business owners because of the potential outcomes and Google’s consistent upgradation and new releases. Above all, the integration of rich libraries, tools, plugins, and packages makes Flutter a wholesome development technology that gives users a native-like interface.

These were our take on providing the top Flutter libraries, tools, packages, and plugins. In case you want to learn more about the framework functionality consulting a mobile app development company can be a viable option for business owners to hire top flutter developers who are proficient in the above-mentioned Flutter toolkit. Build a cross-platform sophisticated mobile application in record time and get a full spectrum of flutter app development services today!

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