Top 10 GPS Tracking System Software – Manage Your Fleet Wisely

GPS Tracking System Software

A fleet’s operation generates a continuous flow of data that must be collected, sorted, and examined. If you have the right technology, your vehicles can tell you where you may maximize efficiency and create cost savings, from fuel economy to driver behavior. Fleet managers can save costs and maximize vehicle efficiency using GPS tracking system software that helps track the fleet wisely.

According to a study by Automotive Fleet, 98% of companies globally are now using GPS tracking software, bringing down operational costs and increasing ROI.

The fast-growing automotive and telematics industries have led to greater demand for adaptable GPS tracking systems. These solutions are necessary for efficient fleet management in today’s businesses. Nowadays, GPS tracking provides businesses with more security, ease, and asset management—it’s not only for finding lost phones or automobiles. Businesses can use GPS tracking to manage shipments, fleets, or pricey equipment, providing them with the accurate and efficient asset management they want.

This article presents you with insight into top GPS tracking system software and other aspects to consider before buying the tool.

What is GPS Tracking Software?

GPS tracking software is a device installed in the fleet that allows the user to keep an eye on each fleet and manage it accordingly. GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite-based technology, which provides global positioning and navigation services, is included in every tracking system. It works by using an orbiting constellation of satellites to transmit precise signals to GPS receivers on Earth.

These receivers, which are often referred to as GPS trackers, decipher the signals to ascertain the exact location of the object. GPS technology analyses information received from multiple satellites to consistently establish several parameters, including location, speed, direction, and tracking pathways.

Vehicle tracking software with GPS is wider than managing driving behaviors and fuel consumption; fleet management systems sometimes help with car leasing or financing.

Common Features to Look For in GPS Tracking System Software

When you look for the GPS tracking system software, you will find that all devices carry similar devices. Some of these are-

Navigation options and mobile apps

Certain cloud-based GPS tracking system comes with extra features like navigation and routing. Through a mobile app, a GPS can link to a driver’s phone and offer instructions, as well as guidance on which stops to make and when. Drivers can receive turn-by-turn directions via a web interface from a fleet manager, who can also notify them of schedule modifications that could impact their routes.

Complete Customer Support

To properly install and configure the tracking system, continual management is necessary for data analysis. These services can be performed internally, but bear in mind the associated administrative duties, error-proneness, and deficiency in customer service.

Suppose you decide to engage with a fleet management business. In that case, they will handle the activation and installation and collaborate with you to spot patterns and enhance the efficiency of your fleet. A fleet management business will also handle any necessary gadget upgrades, modifications, and troubleshooting.

Alert Systems

You may set up SMS or email alerts for real-time vehicle status information, such as when a scheduled stop has been completed, with many GPS trackers. Additionally, you will be notified in the event of any problems, such as reckless driving, collisions, or delays in your journey.

You can also set up alerts to let you and your clients know when a vehicle is supposed to arrive within a predetermined radius.

User-Friendly Interface

Not every GPS tracking software designed for fleet or mobile asset management is as simple to use and straightforward to use. It would be best to search for white-label GPS tracking systems that are –

  • Easy to configure – The program needs to be simple to set up on all platforms. That ought to be rather simple to start with.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: It is essential to have a dashboard that is both analytical and customizable and that is updated with the most recent vehicle data.
  • Real-Time Assistance- As you consider your options, make sure they have training materials and a helpful customer service team that can help you with the program at every stage.


A company’s tracking requirements increase over time in proportion to its growth in size or scope. Selecting GPS tracking system software that grows with your company is crucial. To extend your fleet size and operations, look for a vendor that offers adaptable systems that can handle more vehicles. Additionally, if necessary, it should provide space for future additions of unique features and capabilities to assist the process.

Data Security and Privacy

When searching for a GPS tracking platform, ensure that the system has data security and privacy features. Fleet GPS tracking necessitates closely examining sensitive data, so select software supported by a robust tech stack. Make sure that the information being sent between the software and the tracker is safe, secure, and challenging for hackers to intercept. Additionally, the program needs to abide by regional data protection laws like the CCPA and GDPR.

The most crucial feature of real-time location monitoring software is the ability to set user roles and permissions, which lets you manage who can view which data.

Budget Constraint

When looking for a GPS tracking software, ensure that it falls under the budget. It’s a wise decision to weigh the software’s price against the features and advantages it provides. The best options are those that offer subscription-based plans, in which the cost is determined by the number of cars that need to be monitored.

To be safe, though, find out upfront what all the extra fees for hardware, features, and support will cost. Verify that you are not charged any more fees. Additionally, please make use of the free demos offered by vendors before deciding on one. Watch them describe the asset’s functionality and use case until you understand it.

List of 10 Top GPS Tracking System Software

Since we have covered features, let us check the top 10 GPS tracking system software that is globally recognized.

1. FleetStack

If you are looking to upgrade from your present GPS tracking system software or looking for the best in the market, FleetStack needs to be your first option. This GPS tracking system software is ready to use, especially for individuals who need more technical expertise. FleetStack is now the most popular choice among fleet owners thanks to its one-touch setup and self-deployment features.

Fleet Stack is an easy-to-use platform that ensures real-time asset monitoring while increasing operational efficiencies. It is intended for companies with significant automobile networks. The best thing is that you can be someone other than a technical expert or coder to install and use.

Key Features

  • One-Touch Installation: Fleet Stack distinguishes itself by offering a straightforward setup process that facilitates businesses’ installation of GPS software on client servers.
  • Tracking Driver Performance: To improve productivity and safety, driver performance monitoring looks at driving behaviors, idle times, and speed tracking.
  • Customizable Dashboards: This feature helps businesses by providing a tailored user experience via dashboards that highlight significant metrics and insights.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Use features like geofencing, intelligent route optimization, thorough reporting, and driver behaviour monitoring to make data-driven decisions, reduce expenses, and increase fleet efficiency.

2. Samsara

Next on the list of top GPS tracking software is Samsara, which offers a plethora of clever features that make it a valuable tool for crucial business management choices. The tool comes with AI Route Analytics to maximize the effectiveness of your car’s resources and optimize driving routes. This is achieved by letting you choose which tasks should be finished in the shortest amount of time, using historical data to calculate stop and departure timings, and then automatically designing an itinerary.

Real-time vehicle diagnostics can also be obtained through Samsara’s software, lowering the possibility of a car breaking down while you’re at work. You may also schedule regular auto maintenance and get notifications when it’s time for each service.

Key Features

  • Smart Fleet Management: Samsara offers an intuitive dashboard that provides a comprehensive picture of all fleet activities, including driver performance, real-time position tracking, and vehicle health monitoring. This is known as smart fleet management.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: These features of automated maintenance alerts and scheduling help to always keep vehicles in top condition by prolonging their lifespan and reducing downtime.
  • Fuel Management: The plan includes instruments to monitor fuel consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting initiatives to reduce overall expenditures.

3. GPSGate

Using GPSGate allows businesses to track the real-time location of their fleet on a single platform. To obtain a summary of the entire distance driven, idle time, and start/stop timings, experts can create vehicle reports.

Through geofencing features, GpsGate enables organizations to define trigger rules and get automatic notifications regarding drivers’ behaviour or possible infractions. It offers mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones that let administrators communicate car whereabouts with customers and track them remotely.

Pushing the boundaries of GPS technology for organizations globally, GpsGate is committed to improving operational efficacy, safety, and customer pleasure.

Key Features

  • Flexible Integrations: Offers a wide range of pre-built interfaces for several different hardware and services.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed reports on asset usage, fuel consumption, and maintenance.
  • Event Rules and Alerts: Using GPS data, users can create rules that automate procedures and trigger alerts.

4. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is one of the top GPS tracking software system programs for effective driver management, providing excellent fleet management and safety. As activities increase, managing the team gets harder. Your fleet firm will consequently benefit from its driver management features, such as work dispatch routing and schedule progress.

A built-in communications platform for fleet-wide messaging, recurrent alarms, and document sharing is included with the system. For many businesses, this will be more convenient than needing to speak with their drivers over the phone.

Key Features

  • Custom Geofencing: Users can construct “geofences,” or virtual walls, around their fleets while they are being observed. The system notifies devices as they approach or leave these pre-designated zones, allowing for efficient tracking of movement and usage.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Users may create logs and analytics that provide specific information about the routes, stops, speeds, and other characteristics of their cars, thanks to a wide range of reporting choices. These revelations may boost productivity and streamline processes.
  • Mobile Access: The tool’s mobile interface makes it simple to communicate with drivers. The user can communicate from anywhere.

5. Azuga

Azuga serves commercial, industrial, insurance, and government clients with sophisticated statistical modelling and predictive GPS tracking software for vehicle. Their products are utilized by some of the top corporations and government organizations in the United States. Azuga claims that by making video-enabled detection and prevention technologies available to all fleets, they are taking a step towards mainstreaming and affordability of AI systems.

It provides cost reports that outline your fleet’s areas of highest expenditure as well as suggestions for cost reduction. By rewarding safe driving, you can monitor your employees’ driving behaviour via driver management.

Key Features

  • Fleet Tracking: One of the most important functions of Azura is fleet tracking. With the help of this tool, you can use your fleet management dashboard to view the real-time location of your fleet on a map. You can make sure that your drivers are on schedule and doing their duties by using fleet tracking.
  • Maintenance Alerts: It comes with maintenance alert features that help you know maintenance alerts monitor the state of your car’s health and notify you when repairs are necessary. This allows you to take immediate action to address any problems that may arise.
  • Money Saving- This tracking tool comes with a low price tag and offers more functions with one touch.

6. Rastrac

Apart from creating unique solutions, Rastrac provides an extensive array of services. With a smartphone, you can monitor and follow the whereabouts of your cars at any time. Furthermore, you have the option to act immediately after assessing the state of your fleet. You can keep an eye on your fleet’s health by gathering data from non-reporting devices.

This fleet monitoring system’s best feature is that it can be used with practically any other third-party system. Rastrac’s hardware and software may be easily integrated into your current systems, potentially saving you money, energy, time, and resources. Using Rastrac, fleet managers may find and correct expensive driving habits, such as leaving engines running for long periods. This leads to wasteful fuel consumption and engine wear and tear.

Key Features

  • Customized Notifications: To improve security and compliance, users can sign up to receive notifications for particular situations, including straying off a path or going into a prohibited location.
  • Geofencing: By setting up geographical boundaries, this technology allows for improved asset tracking.
  • User-Friendly Interface: By making it simple to access key features and data, the program’s user-friendly design promotes efficient operation.
  • Easy Dashboard: Rastrac’s fleet management software dashboard is designed with an application program interface (API) that can be customized to enable fleet managers to stay informed about their operations. Users can configure reports to run automatically and quickly access important metrics and data about cars and drivers.
  • PocketRastrac: You can track your team members, family members, workers, and valuables with the PocketRastrac app by Rastrac without having to buy pricey hardware. All you need is an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. With the help of PocketRastrac, your gadget may be used as a sophisticated tracking platform with turn detection, speed, distance, and time reporting.

7. GoMotive

To revolutionize the automotive sector, GoMotive is a specialized platform offering GPS tracking system software that strives to enhance driver behaviour, vehicle safety, and maintenance. It uses cutting-edge GPS technology to offer a comprehensive range of features that satisfy the needs of car dealers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners.

With telematics solutions, GoMotive has helped businesses, governments, and other organizations achieve their objectives for decades. Our fleet management software offers a range of add-ons and services that go beyond simple “dots on a map,” making it easy to customize to your company’s specific needs.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Diagnostics: GoMotive offers advanced diagnostic tools that enable users to monitor the state and performance of their vehicles in real-time.
  • Maintenance Reminders: The tracking software instantly notifies users when scheduled maintenance is due to maintain vehicles in optimal condition.
  • Theft Protection: GoMotive’s cutting-edge monitoring technology, which includes functions like real-time vehicle position tracking and quick alerts in the event of unauthorized vehicle movement, provides an additional layer of security against theft.
  • Identifying Risk: GoMotive uses driver behaviour analysis to identify risky driving practices such as speeding, harsh braking, and sudden accelerations.

8. SambaSafety

For fleet activities that are both controlled and unregulated, SambaSafety provides an extensive tracking tool. Users will have exclusive access to MVR, CSA, and telematics features. With just a few clicks, you can download and utilise the tool easily. With the tool, you will be able to monitor vehicle maintenance, maximize every working day, reduce costs, and gain a 360-degree, nearly real-time image of your fleet’s daily activities. According to SambaSafety, users of this GPS fleet tracking system software helped with a 14% reduction in car crashes and a 77% reduction in violations.

Key Features

  • Custom Geofencing: Users can erect “geofences,” or virtual barriers, around vehicles or other objects that are being watched. When a device enters or exits these designated zones, the system sends out warnings, which enable effective tracking of mobility and utilization.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: SambaSafety provides users with a wealth of reporting tools that enable them to generate detailed logs and statistics regarding the routes, speeds, and other attributes of their cars.
  • User Management: Administrators can assign permissions, manage accounts, and customize user interfaces to suit particular roles and needs within the company using the system’s robust user management features.

9.  TrackMe

TrackMe is among the leading GPS tracking system software, allowing users to track their fleet in real-time. All the functions required for asset tracking are available in the TrackMe App. Keep an eye on several devices at once on a single screen, and enlarge each to see its details. TrackMe records everything you own, including people, cars, and pets, online in real time. The purpose of TrackMe is to improve business operations by cleverly combining location technology, data, and services.

Key Features

  • Creating Comprehensive Reports: Enables data-driven decision-making by offering statistics on stoppage, idle time, distance, and other topics.
  • Strong and Water-Resistant Design: This feature makes the GPS units unbreakable and perfect for observation in any setting.
  • Good Battery Life: Constant tracking is made possible by long battery life and astute power management features, which eliminates the need for regular gadget recharging.
  • Two Options to choose from: The fleet in different forms- Navx and TrackMe Suite. Both offer complete solutions for shippers and customers.

10. Clearpath GPS

An easy-to-use GPS tracking system, Clearpath GPS prioritizes driver safety while also boosting productivity. Its comprehensive monitoring and security features, together with its overall user-friendly design, make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to watch over and protect their vehicles. Using this tool, fleet managers can resolve issues. This geofencing tool will help you cut down on wasteful spending. Additionally, you can design personalized notifications depending on any scenario particular to your fleet and organisation.

Key Features

  • Reducing Timecard and Billing Issues: The Virtual Tool card helps businesses monitor each start, stop, and total time at each location to produce the most accurate timecards possible. You also save time by not having to handle timecard reconciliation, billing reconciliation, or proof of service support. Your car tracking system records, tracks, and stores everything.
  • Trip History: Users can review their vehicle’s trip history to monitor usage, confirm travel routes, and learn more about driving habits.


Selecting the top GPS tracking system software requires carefully weighing all factors, including feature kinds, price, accuracy, and other considerations.

A lot of the tension that life may bring is alleviated when you have fleet-tracking software on hand. Seated in an office chair, the manager watches as the driver texts while driving, deviating from the path and figuring out the exact reason why the cargo delivery is delayed. Selecting the best GPS tracking system software can change the overall scenario of your fleet business.

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