Ten Trends of Blockchain in 2020


Blockchain will transform operations and processes in different industries and government sectors if accepted, but its acceptance requires time and effort. Blockchain technology will rouse people to get new skills, the traditional business will have to completely review their processes to crop the maximum benefits from using this promising technology.

Below listed top 10 trends will dominate blockchain technology in 2020

1. Blockchain as a Service By Big Tech Companies

Blockchain as a Service (Baas) is one of the most promising blockchain technology trends in 2020. This is another one new blockchain trend that is now combined with the number of startups and enterprises. BaaS is a cloud-based service that allows users to develop their digital crops by working with blockchain. These digital products may be smart bonds, dispersed applications, or even other services that can work without any setup requirements of the complete blockchain-based substructure.
Some of the Mnc’s developing a blockchain that provides BaaS service are Amazon and Microsoft consequently shaping the future of blockchain applications

2. Federated Blockchain Changes to the Center Stage

Blockchain networks can be classified into 3 different types such as public, private and Federated or Hybrid. Federated Blockchain can be specified as the best blockchain latest trends in the current business. It is merely a promoted form of the basic blockchain model, which makes it more perfect for many specific use cases.

3. Stablecoins Will Be More Visible

Bitcoin as an example of cryptocurrencies its extremely unstable. To avoid that instability stable coin came to the picture strongly with stable value associated with each coin. Right now, stablecoins are in their first phase and it is predicted that 2020 will be the year when blockchain stablecoins will achieve their all-time high.
One heavy force for using stable coin is the overview of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra in 2020 even with all the challenges facing this new cryptocurrency future by Facebook and the decreasing circle of partners.

4. Social Networking Problems Encounter Blockchain Solution

Almost 2.77 Billion social media users about the world in 2019. The introduction of blockchain in social media will be able to solve the problems related to infamous scandals, privacy violations, data control, and content relevance. Therefore, the blockchain mixture in the social media domain is another evolving technology trend in 2020.
With the application of the blockchain, it can be ensured that all the social media published data remain undetectable and cannot be duplicated, even after its removal. Furthermore, users will get to store data more firmly and maintain their ownership

5. Interoperability and Blockchain Networks

Blockchain interoperability having the skill to share data and other different information across many blockchain systems as well as networks

6. Economy and Finance both Will Lead Blockchain Applications

In some other businesses, like banking and financial sectors no need to introduced radical transformation to their processes for adopting blockchain technology. It was successfully applied for the cryptocurrency, financial agencies started seriously considering blockchain adoption for traditional banking operations.

Blockchain technology will allow banks to decrease extreme bureaucracy, conduct faster transactions at lower costs, and improve its clandestineness. One of the blockchain predictions made by Gartner experts is that the banking industry will originate 1 billion dollars of business value from the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies by 2020.

7. Blockchain Integration into Government Agencies

A distributed ledger is also one of the attractive ideas to government authorities that have to administrate very large quantities of data. Now, every company maintain a separate database, so they have to constantly require information about residents from each other. However, the apps of blockchain technologies for real data management will improve the functioning of such organizations.

8. Blockchain Combines with IoT

IoT is the latest technology in the market will see a renewed focus on security as complex safety challenges crop up. These complexities stem from the diverse and distributed nature of the technology. The total number of Internet-connected devices has broken the 26 billion mark. Device and IoT network hacking will become commonplace in 2020. It is up to network workers to stop interlopers from doing their business.

9. Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The addition of AI with blockchain technology will make for better development. Its shows a level of improvement in blockchain technology with a passable amount of applications.
Moreover, blockchain can also make AI more intelligible and understandable, and we can trace and determine why decisions are made in machine learning.

10. Demand for Blockchain Experts

Blockchain is the latest technology and there is only a few percent of individuals who are skilled in this technology. Blockchain technology becoming the fastest growing technology that creates a situation for many to develop skills and experience about blockchain technology.

Its value saying that there are honest efforts by universities and colleges to catch up with this need, but the rate of graduating students with enough skills to deal with blockchain technology is not enough to fill the gap. Also, Companies are taking steps to build on their existing talents by adding training programs for developing and managing blockchain networks. We are Nearlearn providing world’s best blockchain training in Bangalore, India. Offering machine learning, python, deep learning, artificial intelligence and many more courses at an affordable cost.

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