Steps to Develop Mobile App with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

What comes first when you hear Blockchain Technology? Most of us have cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins, and ICOs. But very few know that blockchain is much more than that. Built into the technology-enabled Bitcoin is an ingenious P2P technology which can be used for the development of the huge range of applications having capabilities to perform a variety of tasks. The few examples can be domain registration and signing legal documents need to start a funding campaign, but the list is all-around the different industry.

This has its own name DApp(pronounced as Dee-App) which stands for Decentralized App or can also be known as Blockchain App.

So, let’s have a look at the development of DAPPs. Because if you have decided to develop a DAPP(Blockchain mobile app), you are probably going to change your life and you need to have an experience on it. An idea about what to consider while developing a blockchain mobile app.

Blockchain Technology is a decentralized, transparent ledger system that records transactions across a network of computers. It operates on a chain of blocks, each containing a cryptographic hash of the previous block, ensuring immutability and security. This Blockchain Technology eliminates the need for intermediaries, as each block holds data that’s resistant to modification. It enhances security through consensus mechanisms like Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), making it highly tamper-resistant. Its applications extend beyond cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, reaching industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and more. Smart contracts, self-executing contracts with predefined rules on the blockchain, automate processes, further streamlining operations. Blockchain’s decentralized nature fosters trust, reduces fraud, and offers a transparent, efficient, and immutable record-keeping system with far-reaching potential for disrupting various sectors.

Though still evolving, blockchain technology holds immense potential to transform various sectors by improving transparency, security, and efficiency in record-keeping and transactions, offering a promising framework for innovative solutions and decentralized applications.

What is DApp?

The DApp is a specific type of app with the specific characteristics in it.

The characteristics you need to understand to have in your blockchain mobile app are:

  • Open source software piece which can operate autonomously and can’t be controlled by any user in the network.
  • All the data is cryptographically stored in public decentralized blocks (Blockchain).
  • For users to access the app, the blockchain mobile app needs to use specific cryptographic tokens (App coins).
  • DApp generates tokens to prove the value nodes which contributes to the software.

Types of Blockchain Technology mobile app….

The key point is DApp can be based on custom blockchain or use networks/protocols created for “out-of-control” software components. By this point, you can easily assume the three main types of blockchain mobile apps.

  1. Keeper: Apps who have their own blockchain. You can say keepers to OS like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
  2. Users: Apps that make use of the Keeper and protocols and tokens which are necessary for their functions. Assume them as programs using OS to operate(Like Drop-Box Client, etc.).
  3. Supplements: Apps that share the same protocol with User and have protocol and tokens as a necessity for its functionality. Assume them as platform integrating some app features(Like Dropbox add-ons in the browser)

The specialty about DApps…..

So, what do you think, why you need a blockchain mobile app?

Well accordingly, blockchain may have a noteworthy impact on many processes of any industry including retail banking, insurance, and financial exchange.

Another specialty with bonus, Blockchain mobile app produces app coins which have values. Actually, these digital tokens can comfortably replace untrustworthy centralized consensus and perform particular functions, not for altcoins and capable to operate with specific network assets.

So, if something can be decentralized than you can also make an effort to make it free of a loose end.

A brief on how to create a DApp…..

Now that you are all clear with the DApp benefits for your business to get rid of intermediaries, lengthy processes and questionable partnerships, you can imagine how blockchain mobile app can make your life much easier.

Now, what will be the first step to successfully develop the blockchain mobile app? Let’s figure it out…

A Real Challenge….

With an idea, before building your decentralized app, it is also very wise to have your issues and solving decisions on board. In simpler words, determine the need for blockchain mobile app.

The main point of this step is, there are many potential issues you face can be solved without Blockchain. So before investing your time and resources, be sure that your investment is worth making sense in developing a blockchain mobile app.

Seek for the conduction of cost or benefit study, explore the risk criteria and audit one’s internal capabilities. If you find this analysis leading you to develop DApp, then make a move towards the step #2.

Appropriate Consensus Mechanism

For developing a blockchain mobile app, you need a system of linked parts for transaction validation and to maintain a consensus mechanism. Mostly, Bitcoin is referred to as a sample.

In case you require, you are free to choose any mechanism from the wide range: Proof of Elapsed Time, federated, delegated Proof of Stake, Round Robin, etc. before choosing, make sure your choice meets your requirements in the best way.

Step #3 Platform options

It’s easy to develop your blockchain mobile app on an existing platform. There are many from the list to choose but these days the following are popular in this field.

  • Ethereum: No Doubt, this is one of the best blockchain platforms. It can brag for the extended infrastructure which makes possible to create smart contracts and expand the decentralized app.
  • Hyper ledger Fabric: Another platform for blockchain based software development. The platform needs GO, Java and JavaScript for mobile app development. PS – Don’t have its own cryptocurrency.
  • Cardano: A new breed in blockchain platform. It consists of two development layers: one related to ADA cryptocurrency, another for smart contract processing.

User Interface and Admin Console:

Most importantly, make your blockchain mobile app user-friendly and easy to maintain. Believe it or not, the importance of these two features cannot be overestimated.

Skills and Practical Experience

For DApp from scratch, there are a lot of things to consider, where some are seemed to be secondary and insignificant. But, still the main rule is more you learn, more you grow.

So, here are some few pieces of advice which can be useful for both experienced app developer thinking of the blockchain industry and for those who are freshers as a developer.

Take up some time to understand the working concept of Blockchain

Before you dive in the development process of the blockchain mobile app, you compulsorily need to know the bitcoin and cryptocurrency basics. The nuts and bolts of blockchain Basics are the “must” for development of DApp.

Truffle N Solidity

To develop a blockchain mobile app, you’ll need to learn different programming languages like Solidity. It’s like a special language of Ethereum for smart contracts.

You’ll also need to learn about the various frameworks. Ethereum’s Truffle is one of them, a framework. To become a true guru, don’t hesitate to use a step by step guide.

Most Importantly- Networking is key

Thinking out of the box can help you create amazing ideas. But to exchange ideas with the potential partners or customers, you will require the network advantages. If OK, try to attend local blockchain meetings or connect with the blockchain developers online. For these, Reddit, Slack or Gitter can help you with a good start.

More learning = More Growth

What’s new? Yeah, the new part equals the old one. Learning deeper and deeper blockchain technology will be a great way to succeed in the industry for the future when it is more developed.

So, grab these tips and start your career in the direction of Blockchain mobile app development.

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