Digital Marketing 2018: What’s Important Between Quantity and Quality?

Ofcourse, digital marketing is not something that you can compare with Mad Men! The decaying carcass of Don Draper definitely seems to be the end of gut-driven marketing era. Moreover, the digital world seems to be always in pair with humongous data streams. Nowadays, you can describe everything by numbers starting from human behavior to […]

Which Social Media platforms should you invest in this year?

By now, it’s obvious to most businesses that social media is an important channel for promoting and connecting with their audiences. Social media can be used to promote services and products while also driving traffic to websites, increasing visibility and helping to educate potential and current customers. With the arrival of 2018, there seems to […]

The key to successful marketing is enforcing the basic need of technical reliability

In a world filled with internet email popup solutions, SEO tricks, social media targeting and so much more, digital media can look like quite the intricate and complex network of strings and decisions. However, many businesses have mastered the art of sticking to basics, in order to guarantee the full effectiveness of any other elements […]