The role of healthcare mobile applications in 2020. How mobile technology can take care of our health

In today’s world, where digital technology is developing rapidly, it would be surprising if these innovations didn’t affect the health industry. Among the main trends in this direction is mobile health – mHealth. With healthcare mobile applications’ help, doctors and pharmacists can provide patients with safer and more effective care. In contrast, patients are able […]

Ten Trends of Blockchain in 2020

Blockchain will transform operations and processes in different industries and government sectors if accepted, but its acceptance requires time and effort. Blockchain technology will rouse people to get new skills, the traditional business will have to completely review their processes to crop the maximum benefits from using this promising technology. Below listed top 10 trends […]

5 Tech Trends That Will Change Businesses in the Near Future

Technology spells opportunity for efficiency and productivity, values that businesses place a premium on. If you run a small company, you know that keeping up with the times is indispensable for its viability for many years to come. Technologies are emerging and marking a significant departure from the conventional ways of doing things, making paper […]