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Namaste UI is a web magazine or blog that provides information around creativity, creation, creative people and creative world. It has focus on simplicity, beautification, practising easy and straight-forward learning. We look for authors, bloggers and guest writers here at Namaste UI. We’d be delighted to publish your guest posts in our blog. Topics That […]

How to start a social media marketing agency in This Year

The traditional marketing methods surely bring a lot of revenue, but it is often unable to engage the audience. The business owners are looking for social media marketing agencies that will be able to increase the retention rate. Social media marketing in 2020 will flourish.  Even though many sectors are closing down and submitting to […]

A Web Design Pricing Guide: This Is How Much It Costs

If your business isn’t online already, then one thing is for sure: you’re missing out. Think about it. It seems as though these days practically everyone has a smartphone and Internet access. That means that all of your would-be customers are researching your business online before they visit it. If you want them to pick your company […]