7 Reasons Coronavirus Will Enhance Future Remote Work Opportunities

The workplace is an ever changing area and more decidedly so due to coronavirus. Here are seven reasons why this pandemic will enhance future remote work opportunities for many. Time Much like virtual tours in real estate save time for everyone involved, the same goes for remote work. There are many ways working hours are […]

Challenges of Remote Software Projects: Java Developers, Here’s What You Need To Know

With the momentum the gig economy has earned, many highly qualified software developers are discovering demand for their skills abroad. For more experienced technology experts—software project managers, and development team leads, remote work offers access to a highly-skilled, flexible, resource pool, particularly if you’re seeking java developers. It can be budget friendly. It’s likely heterogenous, […]

Looking Back at the Brief History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is currently one of the more popular IT technologies with businesses today.According to a 2018 survey done by RightScale, 96 percent of businesses reported that they are indeed utilizing cloud solutions in their operations.This includes using cloud backup services to lessen or minimize operations downtime in case of natural disasters or data server […]