5 Benefits of Solar Lighting for Parking Lots: How to Save Green and Go Green

Imagine you’re the project manager of a corporation and you need to open a new store. We’re sure it doesn’t take chump change to see that happen, especially when it comes to matters of public lighting. Sometimes even the most mundane projects can cost several thousands of dollars–permits, trenching, manual labor, the works–and receiving a […]

Finding a Good Mover for Business Relocation in the Gold Coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast has turned from not only a tourism powerhouse but also an industrial up-and-comer. Tourism is still the driving economic force, with an average of 10 million visitors hosted per annum. However, the city has started to gradually expand its commercial horizons with the declaration of Southport as its central business district. This […]

Digital World: 5 Simple but Useful Apps for the Drivers

Every year, automakers equip cars with more and more high-tech features based on the latest IT-developments. However, this process is happening more likely not because of scientific and technical progress, but with the aim of increasing the added value of the final product. At the same time, free applications for smartphones are ready to take […]

6 Common Ways a Poor Internet Connection is Costing Your Business Money

Unreliable Internet connection, unexpected and frequent outages, Internet slowdown – do any of these IT issues sound familiar? Poor Internet connection is undeniably costing your business a lot of money. It influences the perception of your company by the new clients, hinders relationships with the already existing customers and stops your employees from spreading their […]