The Future of Hybrid Mobile Apps in 2021

Over the past decade, mobile applications have grown in demand, utility and functionality. Known simply as apps, they have forever transformed personalised user experiences to become a key part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Today, smartphone users spend 90% of their phone usage time on apps. The increased demand and customised user experience options available […]

Top 6 AI Technologies used in mobile apps

AI technology is one of the most burgeoning technological trends that has crafted a niche for itself. Its benefits are massive leading to different businesses and industries to gradually pour into this tech piece. Worth mentioning that its utilization has expanded to education, medicine, enterprise, fashion, and automotive among many others.  However, this innovative trend […]

The importance of screen time apps and why FamiSafe is the best one

The internet has changed almost all aspects of human life, including how our children seek information and entertainment. On the one hand, they are getting easier to learn but in practice, they are very vulnerable to various hidden dangers behind it. That is why Internet parental control applications such as the FamiSafe screen time App […]

Convenience Over Security: Mobile Healthcare Apps Open Up Fresh Risks to Patients’ Data

Technology has enabled the healthcare industry to make rapid advancements. Every day you hear about a new technology that is disrupting the market and creating waves in the healthcare industry. The industry is being digitalized to decrease the load on waiting rooms in an effort to sort the patient queries at home. This has given […]

How to Develop Engaging your Mobile Apps and Improve Revenue Stream?

Introduction Mobile apps are essentially software applications specifically designed and built for diverse mobile platforms. Mobile applications are designed and built to run on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops. Mobile apps today have diverse functionality, applicability and help provide users with high-quality browsing experiences and services. Mobile applications are more of non-integrated software […]