The Future of Hybrid Mobile Apps in 2021

Over the past decade, mobile applications have grown in demand, utility and functionality. Known simply as apps, they have forever transformed personalised user experiences to become a key part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Today, smartphone users spend 90% of their phone usage time on apps. The increased demand and customised user experience options available […]

Top 6 AI Technologies used in mobile apps

AI technology is one of the most burgeoning technological trends that has crafted a niche for itself. Its benefits are massive leading to different businesses and industries to gradually pour into this tech piece. Worth mentioning that its utilization has expanded to education, medicine, enterprise, fashion, and automotive among many others.  However, this innovative trend […]

Make Your Business More Popular Through App Solutions

Technology has revolutionized the world in every sector. From day-to-day activities to corporate lifestyle, it has majorly changed the way people used to function before. It has made a great impact on everyone’s life as well. Moreover, with the significant rise of smartphones today, it has become imperative for every business owner to leverage the […]

Key Tools for Reporting in Business Intelligence

Data is an essential aspect of today’s business. Moreover, most companies gather customer data at various points of interaction with existing and potential customers. While collecting this data is easy, getting the best out of it is a daunting task. At some point, businesses need to generate reports, which they could translate into actionable insight. […]

5 Tips to Know When Developing a Website for Your Business

In today’s digital age, a business website is more important than anything else. If you aren’t online, then where are you, really? This is a valid question to ask yourself as a business owner because 97% of consumers today look for local businesses and services online.  That’s almost 100% of your potential customers that could […]

The Top 10 Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Are you looking to give your business better branding through modern means? Do you want to create a social media marketing strategy to improve brand awareness? If your answers are yes, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the important social media platforms. With the internet now full of virtual social spots, finding […]

Convenience Over Security: Mobile Healthcare Apps Open Up Fresh Risks to Patients’ Data

Technology has enabled the healthcare industry to make rapid advancements. Every day you hear about a new technology that is disrupting the market and creating waves in the healthcare industry. The industry is being digitalized to decrease the load on waiting rooms in an effort to sort the patient queries at home. This has given […]

Progressive Web Application – How these are Changing the Mobile Landscape?

Another debate has started about Progressive Web Applications (PWA) versus Native Apps. Picking one over the other is needy upon a variety of factors, for instance, business targets, ease of use, affirmation inside the customer base, etc. Regardless, PWA is a reasonably less-preferred idea by medium-sized ventures and their actual advantages are yet to be […]