The Future of Hybrid Mobile Apps in 2021

Over the past decade, mobile applications have grown in demand, utility and functionality. Known simply as apps, they have forever transformed personalised user experiences to become a key part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Today, smartphone users spend 90% of their phone usage time on apps. The increased demand and customised user experience options available […]

How Customer Data Platforms Ensure Your Marketing Campaigns Convert into Holiday Cheer?

The holiday season is officially here, and this year it promises to be unlike anything we have experienced before. The 2019 holiday season sales benchmark was overshot by half a billion dollars in May 2020, or after the first three months the global pandemic had struck. If this trend persists, the close of this year […]

Top B2B Social Media Strategies That’llTurn Your Startup into a Social King

Contrary to popular belief, social media can be a highly effective marketing channel for B2B businesses. With the right strategies, they too can get results and be successful on social media. Companies like IBM, Google, and Hubspot are living proof of this. They have done such a great job of sharing engaging content that grows […]

A Simple Guide to Writing Marketing Emails to Help Your Business Grow

They say that the very first marketing email was sent in 1978, and it brought $13 million through sales. Since then, it has become one of the most commonly used marketing tools. Emails remain an effective way to build an authentic connection with your target audience, which can make your business thrive. Email marketing is […]

How Food Delivery Solution Nourish Your Restaurant Business On Post-Pandemic Scenarios

Before the pandemic situation, the on-demand food delivery app solution has played an important role in everyone’s life and gets sparkled in the market. During the lockdown period, the restaurant industry has been completely shut down and lost its entire revenue in this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. After the new norm or new post-COVID […]

A Comprehensive Guide for launching the Instacart Clone Application

Hi there, we all witness technological improvement in many ways. Technology is the bone of our lives, rendering sophistication to our lifestyles and moving on to the actual topic, who doesn’t love getting things done at the pace of their comfort zones? Almost everybody would. Right now, people are showing more hype about online shopping. […]

A journey from DevOps to DevSecOps model – Know why it is essential to make this move

Many teams tasked with software projects are taking steps to move towards the DevOps model because of the inherent advantages that come with it. In the DevOps model, the Dev and Ops teams work in close collaboration. The  IT industry is recognizing that cybersecurity threats are alarming, and it is time to take action. With […]

4 Agile Principles Every App Developer Should Use

The Agile manifesto changed the software game in the late nineties. Before this management style was popularized, every software project was a precarious undertaking. Allowing the teams to self-organize will make everyone feel more comfortable working within the team and more confident when building the final product. Agile principles are a great set of guidelines […]