Why is having a good logo so important for your business?

It’s the weekend, and you’re having a walk through the streets on a hot summer’s day. Suddenly you feel the need for ice-cream, but you don’t really know where to go. You spot a wendy’s logo a few hundred feet down the street and you feel saved. You’re like a kid all over again at […]

5 Reasons that web design is imperative to the success of a business

Most customers seek information on various products online. A good web design is important in order to reach out to a wider market niche. Your brand is easily recognized online, and potential customers are able to get information and make decisions to buy products depending on your web layout. That is why web design is […]

6 Tips to Promote Your Graphic Design on Instagram

You already know that Instagram is a popular social networking platform where you can share eye-catching photos and videos. It is a fully dedicated site to highlight visual art in all types and forms. Graphic designers, logo artists, book illustrators, T-shirt designers, poster creators, and catalog designers are all graphic artists. All of these professionals […]