An Explanation on Working Capital Turnover Ratio in a Business

Every business requires capital to generate revenue. Capital refers to the investment required to run an enterprise. Calculations based on the total sales and the money available for the business reveals crucial information regarding the success or failure of the said business. Working capital turnover ratio is one such calculation, which can determine the profitability […]

5 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Almost everyone with access to the internet has heard of Bitcoin, the first application of blockchain technology to gain worldwide recognition. Some have even mistaken the two for synonyms. While Bitcoin led the recognition of cryptocurrencies and even went on to be accepted by various businesses around the world, blockchain itself has benefits far beyond […]

Demat Account with Angel Broking: The Angel Advantage

About Demat Account Dematerialized account, popularly known as the demat account, is an account that allows you to complete transactions and settlements electronically. These were introduced in India around 1996 to makes share related transactions more safe and secure. Through the demat system, the shares belonging to you are held electronically in the account as […]