8 Top Collaboration Tools For Agile Design And Development Teams

Agile teams are the future of corporate teamwork. They are modeled on agile methodology wherein a team manages projects by breaking them into multiple stages. This not only ensures perpetual communication with team members, but also allows constant iterations to improve performance.  In other words, agile teams are typically cross-functional where each member is expected […]

How Important is Quality Assurance for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The process of checking whether a service or product is satisfying customer requirements called Quality Assurance. On the other hand, the connection of home appliances, vehicles, medicinal equipment using microchips and embedded electronics to collect and exchange different kinds of data is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a technology that […]

How to Develop Engaging your Mobile Apps and Improve Revenue Stream?

Introduction Mobile apps are essentially software applications specifically designed and built for diverse mobile platforms. Mobile applications are designed and built to run on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops. Mobile apps today have diverse functionality, applicability and help provide users with high-quality browsing experiences and services. Mobile applications are more of non-integrated software […]