How Netflix has aced the disruptive business models?

Netflix operates on the subscription based business framework. It follows a model where the TV, movie and series freaks are offered with on-demand streaming services against definite subscription plans. Over the years, Netflix has managed to become a streaming giant and it’s majorly responsible for the escalating addiction to series all around the world. Netflix […]

Top 8 reasons why Social Media Marketing is vital for Your Business

Social media has surely proven useful over the past years. Once a communication trial that later evolved into social media platforms figuring out just how much individual data people would make accessible to their “digital networks,” social media remains a vast part of Americans’ daily lives. For businesses, social media has created a way to […]

How Food Delivery Solution Nourish Your Restaurant Business On Post-Pandemic Scenarios

Before the pandemic situation, the on-demand food delivery app solution has played an important role in everyone’s life and gets sparkled in the market. During the lockdown period, the restaurant industry has been completely shut down and lost its entire revenue in this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. After the new norm or new post-COVID […]