What Is Life Cycle Costing in Asset Management Space?

Life cycle cost is a crucial asset management tool that takes into account all the life-side effects of planning, acquisition, operation, operation, and maintenance of assets. One of the most important considerations for investors regarding the energy saving project or green building is to know when and when the investment will take place. To attract […]

Manage endpoint security with cloud-based Action1

Meet a free Cloud-based endpoint security and patch management solution from Action1 (www.action1.com). This top-ranking solution facilitates network discovery, enables you to find installed software and orchestrate software updates across all your endpoints regardless of their location. With many tools over there, you might be wondering how Action1 is different. Action1 combines powerful administration toolkit […]

12 Small Business Tools that are Perfect for Businesses on a Budget

Being an ambitious entrepreneur and bootstrapping a viable business, it’s imperative for you to be equipped with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the fundamental variables that play a pivotal role in determining both the internal and external environmental conditions congenial for your business. These help you in enhancing your business potentials, drive significant revenue […]

Top 10 HR Round Questions And Answers

In this article, you can get help of how to crack the interview process by most frequently asked behavioral interview questions and answers. For both freshers and experienced people, this article would help in cracking the interview process very well. You need to get more attention when answering non technical Interview Questions round. You can […]