Top 6 Employee Engagement Software Platforms in 2020

Employee engagement plays an instrumental role in creating a healthy working environment and enhancing employee motivation, happiness, and productivity. It’s not a one-time thing. Instead, it’s something you need to do continuously to make it part of your company culture. Investing in the right employee engagement software platforms can help you engage and keep an […]

8 Tools that can help you in boosting the brand recognition of your business

Did you know that there is a “Rule of Seven” in the world of marketing which claims that a consumer needs to come across a brand at least times before they are ready to make a purchase? Brand visibility not only helps increase your conversion rate but also improves your brand overshadow other competitors and […]

12 Small Business Tools that are Perfect for Businesses on a Budget

Being an ambitious entrepreneur and bootstrapping a viable business, it’s imperative for you to be equipped with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the fundamental variables that play a pivotal role in determining both the internal and external environmental conditions congenial for your business. These help you in enhancing your business potentials, drive significant revenue […]

Short Guide on Securing Your WordPress Site from Hackers

WordPress powers approximately 33% of the websites on the internet. That’s a considerable percentage when you find out that giants like Shopify, Joomla, and Drupal occupy measly single-digit CMS market shares. In a nutshell, WordPress’ success is attributed to the following factors: It’s easy to install It’s easy to use Its theme store has a […]

Grow and Transform Your Startup by Integrating Cloud Telephony Solutions

Startups in the realms of big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing and voice recognition showed great promise last year, as did remote healthcare providers and education services. While these domains might be up and coming, the often fragmented nature of ambitious startups – creative, but time-starved—has stayed consistent over the years. However, founders and entrepreneurs […]