What are the best business blogs every entrepreneur should be reading in 2020?

The internet is the endless source of information for the new age entrepreneurs. If you want to excel in your field then you must read the best business blogs to sharpen your skills. When you read something better than it affects your thought process. It will enable you to make wise decisions regarding your day […]

Know all about M.A in innovation and entrepreneurship as a career option

The Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to provide the tools necessary for business development and entrepreneurship in the contemporary business environment. Individuals who are planning to start a new business venture are provided with the understanding of strategic business management and tools to proactively work in highly uncertain and risky environments. Knowledge of […]

Démarrage d’une entreprise: What Else Can You Do With an Entrepreneurship Degree

There are at least two major misconceptions regarding entrepreneurship degrees that negatively impact the decision-making process of so many people. First is that this type of institutions serve no purpose because someone with an entrepreneurial spirit has not much to learn in school past secondary education (which is wrong). Second is that entrepreneurship degrees serve […]

Entrepreneurship: The way to eliminate unemployment and escalate economic development

Increasing population has increased the problem of unemployment, and the unemployed youth means the low economic development of the nation. Due to various reasons, poverty level always remains beyond the stipulated line. So, the government encourages the small and medium enterprise to eradicate the poverty. Medium and small businesses are the spine of every nation’s […]