Here are 8 commercial real estate marketing ideas to help you stand out in 2019

Marketing is the order of the day. It is an absolute necessity for any organization or business venture to flourish and reach the pinnacle. Almost every industry engages in marketing in some form or the other, and real estate is no exception in this category. One aspect of marketing that has gained a lot of […]

What is Single Customer View in Marketing?

Today, there exist many Data-rich organizations which have spent huge investments, a significant time for building and handling CRM systems. But out of many, only very few organizations have identified their customers and grouped related info of each customer under “Single Customer View”. Besides, a considerable per cent of other companies hasn’t achieved Single Customer […]

What You Need To Know About E-receipts and Dynamic Receipt Marketing?

Back when technology had not advanced in most fields, retailers issued paper receipts to their customers after every sale. This form did not favor retailers in any way of marketing. Currently, technology has advanced, and now e-receipts have emerged. They are sent directly to the clients through email which saves paper and cuts down on […]