Convenience Over Security: Mobile Healthcare Apps Open Up Fresh Risks to Patients’ Data

Technology has enabled the healthcare industry to make rapid advancements. Every day you hear about a new technology that is disrupting the market and creating waves in the healthcare industry. The industry is being digitalized to decrease the load on waiting rooms in an effort to sort the patient queries at home. This has given […]

Retail Insights: 5 Reasons To Monitor and Measure Footfall Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the retail sector, an industry already fraught with significant challenges. With consumers taking precautionary measures like social distancing, many retailers are seeing traditional shopping and spending habits waning. And while the crisis hasn’t fully abated, retailers can quickly adapt to the new normal by investing in the right technology. […]

How Augmented Reality and AI are revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector?

The tech-savvy world is frequently experiencing the technological innovations and the impacts they make on various industry verticals are thunderstruck. Among those tech advancements are the Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this blog, we are going to put a light on how AR and AI revolutionizing the Healthcare Industries. Rise of Augmented […]